A one-day, eight-hour traveling training program, Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) offers 25 different classes. Participating departments can select any combination of classes adding up to an eight-hour training session. National staff experts provide instruction on a variety of topics, including fulfillment of American Legion "pillar" interests in Americanism, Children & Youth, Veterans Affairs and National Security. LEAD training classes are also offered in such areas as American Legion Riders, Health Care, VA Voluntary Services, Finance, Public Relations, Digital and Print Media, Fundraising, Post Operations, Membership Team Development, Disaster Preparedness and the National Emergency Fund, Train the Trainer, Effective Use of MyLegion.org, Resolution Writing and Legal Procedures.

For specific information about LEAD Training, including scheduling, contact American Legion Membership Deputy Director Matt Herndon at mherndon@legion.org, or call (317) 630-1330.