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Game 1 
Thurs. (8/11) 12:30 PM
Salisbury, NC vs Rockport, IN
Game 2
4:00 PM
Omaha, NE vs Kennewick, WA
Game 3
Cumberland, RI vs Leesburg, VA
Game 4
Fri. (8/12) 12:30 PM
 Texarkana, AR vs San Mateo, CA
Game 5
4:00 PM
Salisbury, NC vs Omaha, NE
Game 6
7:30 PM
Rockport, IN vs Kennewick, WA
Game 7
Sat. (8/13) 12:30 PM
Leesburg, VA vs San Mateo, CA
Game 8
4:00 PM
Cumberland, RI vs Texarkana, AR
Game 9
7:30 PM
Great Lakes vs Omaha, NE
Game 10
Sun. (8/14) 12:30 PM
Salisbury, NC vs Kennewick, WA
Game 11
4:30 PM
Leesburg, VA vs Texarkana, AR
Game 12
8:00 PM
Cumberland, RI vs San Mateo, CA
Game 13
Mon. (8/15) 4:00PM
San Mateo, CA vs Salisbury, NC
Game 14
7:30 PM
Rockport, IN vs Texarkana, AR
Game 15
Tues. (8/16) 7:00 PM
Salisbury, NC vs Texarkan, AR
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Texarkana, AR is the 2016 American Legion
World Series Champion
Stars Division - Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South, Western
Stripes Division - Southeast, Great Lakes, Central Plains, Northwest