USAA Tips: Mother's Day ideas on a budget

Content provided courtesy of USAA | By Briana Hartzell

Recognizing the maternal figure in your life doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are three meaningful and budget friendly ways to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day:

Perform an Act of Service

This one won’t cost you a thing and will elicit the happiest reaction. Helpful acts (or acts of service) can be a powerful expression of love and devotion. The gratitude I feel when I unexpectedly find my gas tank full or the laundry folded is such a treat. Help your mother, or the mother in your life (hint for the husbands out there):

  • Make the grocery list for the week and pick up the groceries

  • Plan and prepare a favorite meal

  • Wash and vacuum her car

  • Take a moment to think of a chore or act she frequently (and maybe reluctantly) takes care of and do it this week for her!

Give Something Homemade

  • A sweet card is the way to my heart. I love the little handwriting (my husband's included) and touching words on Mother’s Day cards from the kids.

  • Print a picture, of you and your mother, your family, your mother and your kids, etc. Having a physical print is a lost art and is an easy and budget friendly gift that will be cherished (or at least hung on the refrigerator)!

  • Bake her favorite treat!

Make a Plan for an Outing or Activity

The role of mother often encompasses the responsibility of making family decisions: where to go, what to eat, what time, what place. It can be a special treat to go along with someone else’s plan for a change. It is not necessary for the plan to be extravagant, it will be a treat simply because she is relieved of the burden of making the choice. Some ideas include planning an outing where you take the kids (giving the mom an hour or two to put her feet up), making plans for a family picnic in the park or a date night out.

Letting your mother know how special she is can be easy and budget friendly. We often let the pressure of “expensive” gifts get in the way of giving truly meaningful gifts of our time and love.