USAA Tips: 5 summer safety reminders

Content provided courtesy of USAA | By Angela Caban

No matter how you spend this summer, remember that while it is great to have fun, we should always be cautious and keep our kids safe. Here are five summer safety reminders for parents.

Keep kids hydrated. How many times have you asked your child if they have drank water throughout the day? Good, because all that running around and outdoor play is sure to get them dehydrated quickly. Kids do get so preoccupied with having fun that they don’t realize they are thirsty. Check in with them frequently and make sure they are drinking plenty of fluids.

Regularly apply sunscreen. If you have a child less than six months of age, they should not wear sunscreen – just make sure they are wearing protective clothing and a hat. For older kids, don’t forget to spray them or apply sunscreen with a high SPF throughout the day if they are going to be outside. Many times we forget or don’t think it is necessary, but it is a good precaution. Sun burn isn’t fun – especially for the little ones!

Keep those pesky bugs at bay. It is prime time for ticks and mosquitoes so get that bug spray out and spray away! Be careful not to use bug spray that contains DEET on smaller kids.

Stay safe in crowded areas. If you will be traveling to crowded areas this summer, be prepared to have smaller kids strapped in safely in strollers or check peak times for when parks, beaches or attractions get crowded. With smaller kids, it can be harder to keep track of them in large crowds, and instead of sending yourself into panic mode, consider just avoiding it and visiting during less crowded times.

Explain the dangers to your kids. Especially if they are older, they will understand why they must use precaution in order to stay safe. Be open and honest and explain the hazards of crowded areas, and even safety within grilling and bonfire zones. The National Safety Council also has some summer safety reminders that are good to keep in mind.