USAA Tips: A budget-friendly Valentine's Day

Content provided courtesy of USAA | By Angela Caban

While it's easy to get lost in the shopping frenzy of Valentine’s Day, don’t equate love with consumption of goods. A perfect Valentine’s Day can be a date opportunity for you and your significant other – on a budget!

Here are 4 things you can do for a special Valentine's Day without stretching your budget and adding debt.

Utilize the internet

The Internet makes it easier to research inexpensive (and sometimes free) entertainment in your area. Inexpensive restaurants are easy to look up, and many times you can find specials or coupons for your dinner. Are you using Groupon? If you aren’t, you are missing a great opportunity to save money on restaurants and fun activities.

Dine in

Dining in for the evening or before going out can save you quite a sum of money. A fun idea is picking out your favorite restaurant dish and making it at home. Cook dinner together while listening to some music. Set a simple table with some candles and enjoy.

Make a day date

Who ever said Valentine’s Day is only celebrated at night? Catch an early matinee and grab a bite to eat. Or how about doing something you both enjoyed while dating? It can be bowling, shooting some pool or a game of miniature golf. It reminds you of all the fun you had while dating, yet keeping it simple, lighthearted and inexpensive.

Don’t go bankrupt buying flowers

If your significant other loves flowers, consider choosing another color of flower other than red. If you don’t want to ditch the red roses completely, include a few roses in a bouquet, instead of splurging on the whole dozen. Don’t forget to ask what is on sale – you may end up with a nicer bouquet than the traditional roses, and save money.