The courts agreed to award our member the house in her divorce settlement. But her financial situation prevented her from qualifying for the mortgage she needed to buy out her share. Read about how the USAA Financial Improvement Team helped her get her finances in order and get that home loan — and some much-needed stability in an unstable time.

After her mortgage application was denied, a loan originator at USAA Bank referred the member to the FIT. Over a period of months she spoke with nearly every member of the team. "Most of our financial reviews are completed in one call, so this was a unique situation," said Ken Kaaihue, a FIT specialist.

"We were very consistent in offering her step-by-step guidance on how to reduce her debt and credit utilization," said Ken. "We even signed her up for credit monitoring so she could watch her credit score rise more than 50 points."

After a lot of work on everyone's part, the member was able to qualify for a low-interest mortgage. She and her daughter wouldn't have to move.

Thanks to the FIT, the member's financial picture improved so much that, with the mortgage, she was able to pay off a home equity line of credit and some credit card debt. "The FIT team is one of the best things that's happened to me in the past two years," said the member. "They told me exactly what I needed to do to get me where I needed to be. I was having a rough year, but no more. I'm so grateful."