My wife began collecting her social security at age 62. She will reach full retirement age 6 months. after I begin collecting higher benefits. When should she refile to collect higher benefits? – Toni


We hope we get to retire at age 62! As soon as you begin benefits your wife would be eligible for a spousal benefit that could increase what she receives from Social Security. Generally, her spousal benefit would be 50 percent of your benefit. However, since she began her own retirement benefits early she would receive less than the full 50 percent as a spousal benefit no matter when it begins. There’s no utility in waiting beyond when you file – just check with the folks at Social Security to determine if her reduced spousal benefit would bump-up her monthly benefits once you begin. The longer you wait to file for Social Security, the more you’re monthly check will be, and, the more her survivor benefit would be should you pass away before she does. Just some food for thought.