I am retired and my wife is retiring in a year. We have a retirement fund with TIAA-CREF there is $145,000 in this fund at this time. Does USAA Offer any programs that may be better than what we have now. We earn about 7 percent on our money now. – Bill


It sounds as if you’ve done a pretty good job setting the stage for a financially comfortable retirement! We love your statement “we have no debt.” It’s hard to say something that would bring a bigger smile to our faces. We also like that your wife is working right up until her Social Security “normal retirement age”—that’s a great way to maximize one of the few cost-of-living adjusted streams of income available to many Americans. With the limited information you’ve provided it’s hard to determine if you’re on the right track with your retirement fund. However, 7 percent certainly sounds like a nice return. We are big proponents of maintaining a diversified portfolio. As you approach the time when you’ll use your nest egg, your portfolio should be adjusted to reflect this reality. Normally, this means a bit more conservative approach. USAA has a host of investment options and the advice to help you make and act on informed decisions. We’d suggest you visit to learn more or give one of our advisers a call at 877-699-2654.