My FRA is 10/1/2012, my wife’s 10/1/2016. We have the resources to defer taking my benefit until age 70. Will it be possible under the current regulations for her to draw on her earnings in 2016? Will I be able to draw spousal benefits then? – Jonathan


We’re not quite sure what your question is. If your wife waits until 2016 she’ll begin her benefits at roughly the same time as you will begin, having delayed your own benefits until age 70 (and accrued 30 percent+ worth of delayed retirement credits!). But if you meant to ask if she could draw on her earnings record “before 2016” thus allowing you to elect to take a spousal benefit while your benefit continued to grow, then yes! These are complicated and basically final decisions. We would certainly recommend visiting your local Social Security office and crunching the numbers with them.