I am a 90-percent-disabled Vietnam veteran and plan to start a grocery business with my spouse. How do we get a loan for a small business? How long does it take to process? What is the maximum we can borrow? What are the terms and conditions? – Richard


Thank you for your service to our nation. As you probably know, the government’s Small Business Administration (SBA) is committed to fueling the growth of small business, which is one of the key engines of economic growth here in the United States. I would recommend that you find the SBA district office in your area and ask about the Patriot Express Loan Initiative. This pilot program was designed to help veterans like yourself get their business started. The SBA will guarantee loans up to $500,000 through this program. These low-interest loans, generally between 2.25 percent and 4.75 percent, are available through selected local lenders and can be used to start up, expand, or purchase equipment or real estate for your business. So check out the SBA and get the ball rolling.