I understand (just recently) that when I get to 65, I will not be able to collect both Social Security benefits and my military benefits. How so? – Ruben


I’ve got good news … it just isn’t “so.” I’ve received a number of questions like yours, Ruben, and I’m curious as to where folks are getting this misinformation. Let me clear this up: Social Security will not impact your military retirement. However, it may impact how much you pay in taxes. This is because military retirement, combined with your income from other sources, will likely exceed the thresholds at which a portion of your Social Security is included in your taxable income ($25,000 if you’re single, and $32,000 if you file jointly). While that may be bad news, it’s certainly better than no Social Security at all. I feel compelled to point out one really important thing to you. The Social Security Administration does not consider 65 to be your full retirement age. It is at least 66. So you can go ahead and take the benefit at any time starting at 62, but know that it will be a reduced amount. Aside from that, relax and enjoy your retirement. Thanks for your service.