My husband retired from the USMC in 1976 and passed away in 2002. I am now 65, as of this year, and have TRICARE For Life. If I remarry, will I lose my benefits? - Jenny


In a word, yes. You’re smart to be thinking about this. TRICARE is one of those wonderful military benefits, and in this day of expensive civilian health policies, it would be a shame to lose it. So here goes: when it comes to TRICARE eligibility, getting remarried is not a good thing. Whether you’re a surviving or a former spouse, remarriage does trigger termination of TRICARE eligibility. Use this link ( to learn more at the TRICARE website. If you’ve found another love who is not eligible for TRICARE, be sure you two plan for your health-care needs as a new couple. That may include utilizing Medicare, with a supplemental policy to fill the gaps Medicare doesn’t cover. There are a variety of choices available, so do your homework. Good luck.