“I was about to give up … I wouldn’t have known where to go.”

Disabled Korean War Army veteran Willie Alvin Cousin,who received long-overdue and wrongly denied VA health care and compensation after his case was reopened and won by American Legion Department Service Officer K. Robert Lewis 


“These were important things. It let them pay their childcare. It helped them not get behind in their rent. It helped them put food in the refrigerator.” 

U.S. Coast Guard Vice Commandant Adm. Charlie Ray after The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance helped more than 3,120 children whose junior enlisted active-duty parents had pay delays in the 2019 federal government shutdown


“The American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance grant establishes hope in someone who has contacted and spoken to everyone for any kind of help … We are extremely thankful and … couldn’t have been blessed more by getting into The American Legion and look forward to our future within the organization.”

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Walter Culberson, whose family received a Temporary Financial Assistance grant to pay utilities until he got a new job after the COVID-19 pandemic put him out of work in April 2020


“We will fight tooth and nail for you. It can be a long battle. It can be a tough battle… exasperating. But when you pick up the phone and you’re able to say, ‘We won,’ that makes it all worth it.”

North Dakota American Legion service officer Jim Deremo 


“It’s hard to imagine how many lives are being touched. Not just military life – but the family unit as a whole.”

Veteran and American Legion member Ken Lee of Oroville, Wash., who received a Temporary Financial Assistance grant that helped him and his family through an injury-caused hardship that left them living in RV parks