Legion applauds VA’s updated guidance on medical marijuana

The Department of Veterans Affairs' recently issued updated guidance on medical marijuana urges government doctors to discuss with veterans marijuana use, due to its clinical relevance to patient care, and discuss marijuana use with any veterans requesting information about marijuana, an update praised by The American Legion.

“I applaud the VA in taking this bold move toward treating veterans and also fulfilling resolutions passed by The American Legion,” said American Legion National Commander Denise H. Rohan. “We do not support recreational use of drugs, but we do think the medicinal possibilities of cannabis should not be ignored by the VA. We are all about putting the health of veterans first.”

Because marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, VA doctors cannot prescribe medical marijuana, recommend it or assist patients with getting it.

The American Legion has two medical marijuana-related resolutions passed by the National Executive Committee:

Resolution 11 was passed during the Legion's 2016 National Convention in Cincinnati. The resolution calls on the Drug Enforcement Agency to license privately funded medical marijuana production operations in the United States to enable safe and efficient cannabis drug development research; and urging Congress to remove marijuana from Schedule I and reclassify it in a category that, at a minimum, will recognize cannabis as a drug with potential medical value.

Resolution 28 was passed during the 2017 National Convention in Reno, Nev. The resolution calls for permitting VA medical providers to openly discuss with veterans the use of marijuana for medical purposes, as well as recommend it where legal.