The Aviators: Stories of U.S. Army Helicopter Combat in the Vietnam War, 1971-72

Category: Books

Action-packed stories of helicopter combat in the Vietnam War, highlighting the incredible pilots and crew members.

Attica, Ind. post celebrates 100th birthday

Category: Film / Documentary

Along with the 100th birthday of the American Legion, the American Legion, Post 52 in Attica, Indiana, recently celebrated its 100th birthday. The post received its charter on September 15, 1919, under the command of Lee Whitehall. The first meetings were held in members' homes. sometimes using a lantern for lighting. Eventually, in 1986, after cutting and selling wood, the members were able to make a down payment on a burned-out building and adjacent properties, which they completely renovated. Later, the members added on to the building, making it the very active post home, along with the Unit 52 Auxiliary, that it is today.

Twenty Plus Two

Category: Poetry

"Twenty Plus Two" CA-148 Newport News Heavy Cruiser Written on June 27, 2016 Anniversary of her ghosting

Hinsdale Post 250 honors the American Legion with community display of 100 flags

Category: Film / Documentary

A field of grand old flags

Long Daze at Long Binh

Category: Books

The humorous adventures of two draftees trained as combat medics and sent off to set up a field hospital in South Vietnam. Includes tales of their encounters with numerous celebrities including James Garner, Robert Mitchum, Martha Raye, Mike Wallace, Chuck Connors, Ann Landers, Henry Fonda, Billy Graham and Nancy Sinatra.

Grandpa's Medals

Category: Personal Experiences

Have you heard stories of a grandparent, uncle or other relative that served during World War II and wondered if they were awarded medals? Perhaps you’d like to display those medals to honor them? If you’re like I was, you’re not sure where to begin. Here are a few tips on we to start.

Do What's Right

Category: Film / Documentary

Frank Havlik did what is right, but it took 89 years and his granddaughter's help to finish his mission

Alone In The Light - Hoosier Veteran Writes Novel Drawing Attention To PTSD, TBI, And Veteran Suicide

Category: Books

How do you go on after the worst day in your life? 6,000 miles away from the explosion in Iraq that took his leg, Josh Carpenter struggles to reclaim his former life as a college student. Mary Fischer, a civilian for the first time in years, strikes out on her own to create a new, independent life away from the army, and her controlling mother. The last time Josh saw Mary, his National Guard unit was leaving Camp Wolf, headed north to the war in Iraq. The last time Mary saw Josh, he was unconscious, covered in blood, and headed for a hospital in Germany. On the campus of Indiana University, Josh and Mary's paths move ever closer to a reunion that could help ease the nightmares and heal old wounds... or make them worse.


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Some of us are giving our great Nation a bad reputation by saying what we are saying!

My Pap

Category: Poetry

This poem is written in memory of Philip A. Smith by his 15 year old granddaughter.