"Respect" and "Forgotten"

Category: Poetry

Veteran treatment and lack of respect for our flag.

Our Land

Category: Poetry

Patriotic Poem


Category: Personal Experiences

Pvt. John Howard Strain and the Alhambra American Legion's WWI legacy.

The Poncho

Category: Poetry

Deserved Respect for the Soldier

Legionnaire making a difference through prosthetic devices

Category: Personal Experiences

Specializing in facial prosthesis for conditions resulting from trauma, disease and congenital defects such as cancer and microtia. With a prosthetic device the quality of life increases dramatically. Faith in life is restored. A person can return to society, no longer embarrassed by the stares and unwanted attention produced by a physical deficiency. Prostheses provide great psychological benefits in the mental and physical rehabilitation stages. It also serves as a medial necessity and restores self-esteem.

Remember Me

Category: Poetry

Honoring the fallen from WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

The Vietnam Vet

Category: Poetry


CAPT, CHC, USN (ret.)

Category: Personal Experiences

As I watched her approach, my pulse quickened. In my mind, I recited what I would say to her.

Air Force Master Sgt. Clyde Moore served three separate tours of duty in Vietnam

Category: Personal Experiences

"I was a member of the Untied States Air Force for 24 years, 4 months, and 29 days. I served in the U.S. and overseas at twenty different permanent duty stations which was quite rare. I retired from the United States Air Force Accounting and Finance Center Denver, Colorado in 1978 with the rank of Master Sergeant."

"All Present and Accounted For"

Category: Books

Number 1 book seller - Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis grounding and near sinking, in November of 1972: "All Present and Accounted For" by Steven J Craig