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Following the 9/11 attacks, and the experiences my wife and I had while trapped between Tangier and Madrid on that day, I set my principal character, Joe Legion the task of defending his American family and European relatives from a yet unknown enemy. Using survival skills learned years earlier while serving in the Army when he replaced his brother in special operations following his brother's reported death, Joe renews his Pentagon, FBI, CIA, and diplomatic contacts to assist him in tracking and disrupting terrorist networks and their supporters wherever he can find them. His travels take him and readers to Russia, Central and Western Europe, India, North Africa, Central and South America, and several locations in the U.S. Always innovative, Joe re-invigorates the legend of Juraj Janosik, the national hero of Slovakia and his alleged buried treasure to lure network henchmen out of hiding. Returning home from a rescue mission in Peru, Joe finds that network enforcers have followed him to his own backyard. Joe uses family members, friends, and complete strangers who are available to escape the overwhelming odds against him. Local peace restored, Joe sets out again to take the fight to his adversaries.

The story can be read on several levels of appreciation and understanding. A reader can enjoy the fast action and Joe's wit and cunning as merely an adventure novel. Other readers may learn about and appreciate the various geographical locations, history, customs, folklore, and religious beliefs of the people and countries in which the action takes place. Still others may dig deeper into the geopolitical, historical, and diplomatic aspects of the story to connect the events, power struggles, military mistakes, and diplomatic blunders leading up to and following the 9/11 attacks. With almost ninety characters, the author introduces many perspectives and opinions through the conduct and words of the characters and lets readers select what beliefs and values they want to take with them without any preaching from the author.

Given these powerful themes, the author has no need for profanity, gratuitous sex, implausible plots, false heroes, or unwarranted violence to tell the story. Consequently, Joe Legion can focus attention on identifying and rooting out geopolitical maneuvering, ethnic animosities, political corruption, religious polarization, and the pervasive malaise that tear at the fabric of our current world. Everybody is responsible for allowing this irresponsible behavior to continue among our political officials, educators, religious leaders, and community activists. Yet, there are many who still hold fast to the values that put God, country, and family before self. There are still those who know, care, and do the right thing. There are still those who go when they are called. There are still those who give everything they have. This book is written to honor them.

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About the author:

I am a Vietnam-era veteran now retired. As a civilian, I worked for an organization which allowed me to polish my Responder skills and participate in international rescue missions that provided much of the background for my story. I hold degrees in Marketing, Human Resources, and Corporate Law. I also served on boards of the local library and wildlife districts. My wife and I live in suburban Chicago with our grandkids nearby. This is the first book of a trilogy and is available everywhere.