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Forward, By: Don Bendell, Best-Selling Author
"A Diamond on The Wall is a memoir, which is a work of heart, by former Green Beret sergeant Lawrence T. Vosen, a close friend, and a man who walked through hell with me in a distant jungle in South Vietnam in the late summer of 1968. Most of Larry's book tells about that walk through hell, which I have written about myself, but is so refreshing to read from his perspective.

I was at the time a first lieutenant, and was senior advisor to first, a 100 man operation, and later, to a 160 man operation west of the besieged Special Forces A-Camp of Dak Seang. We had a so-called commander who was a Vietnamese Special Forces sergeant major, but when the shooting started, all eyes always went to the Green Berets and looked to us for survival. The 160 men were members of the Jeh and Halang tribes of indigenous Montagnard tribal people, the toughest fighters in all of Vietnam, who fought for us as mercenaries.

Larry Vosen' story is one that takes you there - in that steaming jungle, and up and down those unforgiving mountains along the border of Laos. It will grip you, pull at your heart strings, and take you on a walk of adventure and heart ache. You will not forget the journey, and you will be glad you took it.

This book is a must read for all men and women."
Don Bendell

This is the story of Larry’s tour of duty in Vietnam. With that said, the memoir you are about to read, and the events detailed herein, hold the remarkable and verifiable series of events that unfolded in an occasionally hilarious, wholly unusual, frequently noteworthy and entirely memorable (as well as historic) way.

At the outset, you must know that although Larry was not a person of faith before entering the Army, nor did he acquire faith in a fox-hole, he has repeatedly been shown just how many times his Father’s Hand has either guided him, or protected him, or both. It would be horribly remiss, therefore, if in the telling of this remarkable story, that he did not give credit where credit is due, both unto Him, as well as unto those men and women who protected and provided for his well-being.

And that, dear reader, fairly well outlines everything you might need to know about the author and this book, before turning the pages and discovering an absolutely wild, funny, heart-wrenchingly truthful and poignamt tale!

About the author:

Larry Vosen is an ex-Green Beret, and now retired executive, who remains active as a spiritual and political leader today - as represented by his two websites: The Letters of Faith, and The 7th Column Movement. The crowning achievement of Dr. Vosen's career can be found at: The Exalted Name Bible. Dr. & Mrs. Vosen currently reside in Las Vegas, NV.