Submitted by: Thomas Albrecht

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Whether you believe life exists by the hand of a higher being, or through scientific explanations, this action packed science fiction adventure explores them both.

About the author:

Thomas F. Albrecht grew up on a small dairy farm in Pleasant Valley, New York. His extensive experience in mechanics would lead him to a career in the Air Force, where he worked in the nuclear field before becoming an aircraft mechanic, flying all over the world. After receiving his commission and supporting recovery efforts during 9-11, he worked at US Central Command Headquarters and then for the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, before moving on to Air Force Reserve Command Headquarters. Through his many interests, he earned his private pilot’s license, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, two Masters Degrees and certification as a firefighter while volunteering at his local fire department. He now lives in Georgia with his wife and their two younger sons; their oldest son is currently attending USF.