To Honor Fallen Heroes: How A Small German-American Village in New York City Experienced the Great War

To Honor Fallen Heroes tells the story of a small German-American village in Queens, New York before, during, and after the First World War. It includes the story of how the community’s American Legion Post No. 853 was formed, and short vignettes about the twenty-eight townsmen who died while serving in the nation's armed forces.

Untold Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Few People Know The Soviets Killed Major Rudy Anderson during his Flight over Cuba, and even fewer people know about the cover-up of another close encounter with Soviet Surface to Air Missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

"Red, White and Blue"

A book of patriotic poems honoring America and all who served.

Behind My Wings

On the approach to Saigon, seeing the rice paddies and the jungle below, my detached feelings about the war began to emerge. As the soldiers deplaned, the lump in my throat began to swell, and I fled into the cockpit. Alone and out of sight, leaning on the closed door with my hands covering my face, I burst into tears. I told myself, never let them see me cry and I never did. Stuffing tears through emotional encounters were unending, and this was only the beginning...

Life is so Precious

A Phenomenal Positive Powerful Book with a message to provide for everyone to enjoy! Army Retired and Author Alton Pete really emphasized the beauty of the heart, mind and soul. A must have and a must read!

It's the Ideology: How to Defeat Islamist Terrorism Once and for All

This is a book with a strategy to achieve victory over Islamist terrorism and restore America's global statesmanship and leadership.

FLC Legal: The War in Vietnam that was Never Reported

FLC Legal is an inside look at a side of the Vietnam war that most people would believe could not have happened, not to mention, did happen in the US Marine Corps.

Keeping the Big Guns Firing

A story of men at war doing an unglamorous and sometimes dangerous job. The story of Vietnam you didn't know!

Spirit of Philadelphia: A 100th Anniversary of WWI Story

A story of honor and human resilience, a treasure chest historical novel, spanning Pennsylvania and Europe. House delivers a serious message without being heavy-handed; readers will receive the wisdom of elders, given with the right mix of humor & heart, sure to stand the test of time in the libraries of American homes.

Gridiron On The Great Lake

The 1918 Fort Ontario (Oswego,NY) Army Football Team