The story of two young WWII pilots who were killed in a tragic accident in 1944 and forgotten for over 70 years.

They Gave Blood, Sweat and Tears-True Stories of American Veterans from WWII to Operation Iraqi Freedom

William J. McKenzie, Corporal 3rd Army, 80th Division 319th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, H “Co.” U.S. Army World War II The morning of Dec. 23, 1944, after they took over the town of Heiderscheid, Luxembourg, Corporal William McKenzie looked out the second-story window of the farmhouse and saw men camouflaged in white sneaking along the road behind the house. He knew the Allies didn’t wear white so he fired at them, wakening the rest of the Americans. After about 10 minutes of firing, 29 German tanks and half-tracks loaded with German soldiers came up out of the draw and surrounded the town: 5,000 Germans against 263 Americans. Young 20-year-old William McKenzie, after hearing about the recent massacre at Malmady, figured he was finished.

Treaded On Me!

In volume ll of the Treaded on Me! series, this new novel continues the supercharged plot that began in Rise of the Constitutional Militia. Only this time, the stakes are higher. Now the leader of the United Constitutional Militia, Sgt. Karl Karnic finds himself in the midst of even greater conflict. The nation has been rocked by a devastating attack from an unknown enemy. Karnic’s reunion with his childhood sweetheart, Angelique, is over as quickly as it began. The former Texas Homeland Security head sets off to find her missing parents, but her search is interrupted by the arrival of invading forces. Meanwhile, Karnic’s subordinates Kate, Sierra, and Carlos head out west, where they uncover outrageous abuses of their fellow countrymen, now refugees. Karnic and his compatriots must fight for not only their own lives but also the countless others they’ve sworn to serve and protect.

Blue Highway Warriors

American Legion halls across America opened their doors to host Bike Trip America, which was both a fundraiser for Operation Comfort Warriors and a lifetime adventure for three 16-year-old boys, a retired operating room nurse, and the author, a Vietnam vet. "Blue Highway Warriors" follows their journey from the Pacific Ocean to the grand finale, a Legion-sponsored rally at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Bloodstained Sands: U.S. Amphibious Operation in World War II

As we lowered our ramp and the soldiers started to charge, they were met with streams of machine gun bullets . . . Enemy snipers had hidden nests on the forward slopes with cross fire taking in every inch of the beach . . . We will never forget the sheer guts, heroism, and fighting ability of the American Infantry man when the going was tough. Harry Kennedy, a LCVP crewman on the Coast Guard-manned Attack Transport USS Samuel Chase (APA-26)

Wordcommandos: encouraging veterans to write and submit

Robert Morgan Fisher is a writer, musician and teacher whose father served as a Naval flight officer. For the last year, he’s been leading a writing group at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ West Los Angeles campus.

INVISIBLE: PTSD's Stealth Attack on a Vietnam War Veteran

A candid and heart-wrenching memoir of life with post-traumatic stress disorder.




The American forces have surrendered to the Japanese ... on Panay Island, a Japanese colonel (USMA '15) is determined to make life as pleasant as he can for his American prisoners. It'll work just fine, as long as the top brass in Manila don't get wise to what he's doing. His best friend is an American Army Chaplain who beats him at chess on a regular basis.

INVISIBLE: PTSD's Stealth Attack on a Vietnam War Veteran

A candid and heart-wrenching memoir of life with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.