So Proudly We Hailed

A memoir of World War II as viewed through the eyes of a young boy who, too young to serve, lived through the home-front years in small-town America.

Shepherd’s Salvation - Rise of Humanity

Living on his family’s farm in Nebraska, John Shepherd and his wife Jackie know humanity’s days are numbered. Despite battling with depression and the tragic end of his military career, John’s fighter-pilot spirit is strong, and he can’t afford to stand by and watch an unbelieving world as they face a global disaster that is less than three years away. With dreams haunted by images of war, and now by a divine calling, he knows that his Maker is counting on him to build a colossal craft capable of carrying its passengers through space on an uncertain trek in search of a new home. Failure at any stage will lead to cataclysmic death, but John can’t give in to fear, with the horrors of Earth’s destruction hurtling toward mankind with inescapable vengeance. Travel with John as he sets out on an unpopular, righteous path to build a lifeboat for a select few—human, plant, and animal—to journey through space on an epic pilgrimage. Will he be able to convince a blind world that he can offer salvation from the apocalypse? Rise of Humanity is the first book in the Shepherd’s Salvation saga.


Military Police are not get assigned infantry duties, except when they are. To protect the largest military base in Vietnam two general officers sat down to talk, one came from the 9th Infantry Division and the other from the 18th Military Police Brigade. The Infantryman was severely strapped for personnel, could the 18th take a tasking at once for which it was completely untrained, unprepared and caught flat-footed? The answer came from the superbly adaptable men who got the job. The Bushwhackers

Longitude And Latitude With Attitude: One Man's Quest To See The Entire World

Marine Vietnam veteran travels to every country in the world, with lots of adventures and humor,

22 A Day

Afghanistan War veteran and United States Marine Corps Captain Mark A Bodrog publishes play, 22 A Day: A Tragedy in 3 Acts, to raise awareness for PTSD and high suicide rates among American veterans.

American Eagle: A Visual History of Our National Emblem

American Legion member authors book about our national icon, the American bald eagle.

Somebody's Catching Hell

Somebody's Catching Hell is a Vietnam war novel about a team of Marine intelligence personnel in the months leading up to the historic Tet Offensive of 1958. Kirkus Reviews calls it a "sharply written war novel that powerfully evokes the camaraderie and conflict of a Marine headquarters during wartime.: It is available on Amazon.

The Eighty Six Year Gap

The great depression of '29 and why it continued because of the lack of camaraderie between industry, capital, management and labor - the ingredients you need to make the system work. When did it end? Well it didn't end. In 1939 President F.D.R. made a moratorium of any strikes or negotiations, because of the war in Europe. His hope was to keep us out of the war. We would keep Europe and Asia supplied with the tools of war.

Haboob Wind

Imagine your family member, co-worker or trusted friend is a member of a terrorist sleeper cell who would kill you without hesitation once an attack on American soil commences. This exact scenario plays out in Tommy Anderson’s thrilling debut novel, Haboob Wind (Coyote Mountain Publishing, May 2018, $12.99, ISBN # 978-1- 5136-34234). This gripping, ripped-from-the-headlines narrative has received rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and a commitment from Hollywood’s Global Edge Pictures to turn the book into a major motion picture. Shar Yonan of Global Edge Pictures said, “I knew by chapter two that Haboob Wind had the potential to be a blockbuster hit because it’s a true dedication to the heart and soul of our military veterans.” It’s 2021, 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America and celebrations to the heroes and survivors are suddenly disrupted by a long-planned terrorist attack within the U.S. An Electronic Pulse Weapon (EPW) missile attack along with a ground terrorist assault is launched at a Southern California military installation — supported by thousands of sleeper cell members, who camouflaged themselves into the fabric of American society as patriots working in trusted positions in the government, law enforcement, FBI and CIA. The invasion, called Haboob Wind (a violent Arabic dust storm), is orchestrated by a radical jihad army formed after the U.S. pulled out of Iraq in 2011. A vintage strike force, led by veteran military officers, is called on to defeat the terrorist group. In an epic battle of good versus evil, Anderson confidently showcases the resourcefulness and patriotism of our veterans to protect our life, liberty, and freedom against all odds of modern warfare.

Phantom in the Sky: A Marine's Back Seat View of the Vietnam War

Phantom in the Sky is the story of a Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) in the back seat of the supersonic Phantom jet during the Vietnam War—a unique, tactical perspective of the “guy in back,” or GIB, absent from other published aviation accounts.