Normandy to Berlin: The Trek to Honor the Legacies

James Vincent Pelosi, (1923-1996), flew an American B-24 “Liberator” over Normandy in June 1944 and later C-47 and C-54 cargo aircraft in support of the Berlin Airlift between 1948 and 1949. On 6 June 2014, the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, I started a 895-mile walk from Normandy Beach in France to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany to honor my father, his World War II Army Air Corps veterans who liberated Europe, his Berlin Airlift Air Force veterans who kept Berlin free and alive, and all Allied veterans and their families who supported them.

THE RESCUE MAN: A Snafu Snatching Rescue Pilot's Extraordinary Journay Through WWII

The Rescue Man is the culmination of years’ research on an unusual, nearly forgotten rescue squadron of the U.S. Army Air Force “Flying Boats” in the Pacific War, what one writer called, “The Air Force’s Navy,” and, the USAAF fight with the Navy to establish these units. The book presents the unique real-life journey of World War II-era through the eyes of rescue pilot, First Lt. Bud Hayes, from childhood in Idaho through training for and service during World War II saving over 700 airmen lives. Available in E-book/Kindle and Paperback through; Barnes & and over a dozen other on-line book sellers.

Making A Marine in the 21st Century

The ultimate guide to Marine Corps Recruit Training. Making a Marine in the 21st Century tells about a new recruit's journey through MCRD SD. This book provides the foresight every recruit will want to know and information family members need to know to endure Marine boot camp.

Images of America - Camp Merritt

A collection of photographic and post card images of the United States largest embarkation base during World War One.

A Double Dose of Hard Luck

When Charles Harrison was born outside Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921, no one could have predicted the perils he would encounter on his journey through life. Enlisting in the Marine Corps at the young age of eighteen, Charles was one of the very few men in American history who were imprisoned as POWs during two different wars, World War II and the Korean War. He then served valiantly in yet a third conflict, Vietnam. Charles Harrison's story is one of determination, faith, courage, love for his country, and an incredible will to overcome all obstacles with honor and dignity.


This memoir shares one woman’s emotional story of her ex-husband and how he murdered their three children before killing himself.

Russia Before Putin

This book contains personal reminiscences of the author over the 50 years from Stalin to Brezhnev.


“Yep, I’m definitely a people person, or should I say, a people’s dog. Hanging out with dogs and cats or any other kind of animal is not my cup of tea, you see?” The companionship and friendship of human beings is my strongest suit.

SKIP'S Legacy

I am from…… Eating beans and hotdogs every Saturday night…… Shooting “Hoops” at a basket mounted on a telephone pole…… Playing “Kick-the-Can and “Hide-and-Seek” in the street after supper…… Reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” and a Prayer each day at school…… Standing at attention, hand on heart, when the American Flag goes by ……

Home of the Brave

When a western Colorado woman founded a project to offer mental health support, job and housing advice and other aid for returning warriors, she did not count on was how much men and women who had served still had to give. My book Home of the Brave is about this woman and her town, and about community and military service and the possibilities born of creativity and commitment.