Navy veteran/retired FDNY firefighter honors 20th anniversary of 9/11 with new book

Navy veteran and retired FDNY firefighter Gerald “Jerry” Sanford honors the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11 in his new book “It Started with a Helmet: A Retired Firefighter’s Return to New York City the Day Before 9/11,” which shares his gripping true account while volunteering with the FDNY during the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

The Serpent Papers

The Serpent Papers, a novel by Jeff Schnader, M.D., is the struggle of two best friends, one who goes to college and the other who volunteers to fight in Vietnam, as they confront the fear, violence and issues of conscience surrounding the Vietnam War. The author is a critical care and pulmonary boarded physician and professor of medicine who served U.S. veterans in the VA hospital system for 22 years, saving numerous lives there (according to the veterans he served); he now has a VA pension.

The Best Care in the Air, The Complete History of the 109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Minnesota Air National Guard

The narrative of a aeromedical evacuation unit that went from being the "stepchild" of its wing to the pride of the Minnesota Air National Guard.

"Turning the Storm"

As World War II reaches a tipping point, one heroic family is determined to help turn the tide. "A sweeping, wonderfully crafted saga...Jackson has created a masterful, enduring tale." —H.W. "Buzz" Bernard, award-winning author of When Heroes Flew Feeling the mantle of duty lying heavily on their shoulders, the Littlefields are pushed to their limits in the much-anticipated third installment in the AFTER DUNKIRK series.

"The Best Are in the Air: The Complete History of the109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Minnesota Air National Guard"

The story of an aeromedical evacuation unit that went from being the 'stepchild' of the wing to the premier aeromedical evacuation squadron in the U.S. Air Force system, as told from the view point of its commanders and the people, both nurses and medical technicians, who served in this remarkable unit.

"Stolen Heritage"

“I held his face in my hands and kissed his forehead. As my eyes started to swell with tears, I realized what had happened. My father, the King, was dead.”

"The Addiction Manifesto"

Army Veteran JR Weaver Chronicles His Journey to Recovery in "The Addiction Manifesto" Talented author and Army veteran JR Weaver shares his experience battling addiction in his soon-to-be launched book titled "The Addiction Manifesto." JR Weaver is an Army veteran and person in long-term recovery who is passionate about the health and wellness of others as he is set to release his book. The author is looking to assist millions of people in different parts of the world through their journey to recovery as he details his experience and struggles with the hope of championing a global recovery revolution. Substance abuse and addiction remain a major plague that has continued to generate a lot of conversation across the globe due to its effect on people as well as its impact on the economies of nations. Unfortunately, recent statistics have shown a worrisome increase in the number of people suffering from addiction. According to a recent report published by the World Health Organization, about 270 million people, approximately 5.5% of the global population aged between 15 and 64, used psychoactive drugs, with an estimated 35 million people suffering from drug use disorders, and over 180,000 deaths linked to drug use disorders in 2019. Unfortunately, many of the available addiction recovery resources are seemingly abstract, ultimately failing to yield the desired results. However, JR Weaver aims to change this narrative with the release of "The Addiction Manifesto." The author personifies the recovery process, delivering an immersive experience to readers, as he writes about the trials and tribulations he faced during early recovery. JR Weaver aims to highlight the inherent powers of self-belief and how the personal desire to quit drug abuse remains the biggest obstacle to embracing a healthier, happier life. Published by Palmetto Publishing, "The Addiction Manifesto" initially started as a journal to help the author stay sober before he eventually decided to share his journey with the world as a self-help guide for persons in recovery as well as their loved ones. The book contains easy-to-implement yet effective tips that will help readers own their lives and become responsible members of society. JR Weaver has already started to receive recognition from different quarters, emerging as a finalist at the 2020 International Book Awards in the Health: Addiction & Recovery category

Overhead Espionage: A Historical Snapshot of US Aerial Reconnaissance

This non-technical book is an interesting historical look at the development of US aerial surveillance. The book begins with the introduction of reconnaissance in 1410 BC, a look at the beginning of aerial surveillance using a hot-air balloon, advancing through several first-type reconnaissance aircraft, and concludes with a look at the RQ-4A Global Hawk used today, with a glimpse of the Lockheed Martin SR-72 on the drawing board. The book ties a lot of historical information together and connects many individual dots we have known for many years.


After escaping a terrorist attack in Iraq, a young soldier finds herself in the remote jungles of South India and meets an intriguing local who helps her return to Iraq


I wrote a book about my father-in-law's amazing story of ditching a plan into the North Atlantic in September 1962. He became known world-wide as "The Miracle Pilot." Captain John D Murray had flown transport during WWII then went to work for the Flying Tigers while also conducting secret missions for the CIA and IDF.