90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise

Jasper Beamon, a retired Navy CEO "receives an ominous e-mail from his soul mate telling him that she is about to publish a book about their relationship which sends Jasper into a neurotic tailspins where he is forced to examine his life. But will he?" 90 Percent: A Memoir of My Demise and Rise is a literary novel sizzling with passion and crackling with humor. It is intertwined with romance, political commentary, history and pop culture.

Patriots Among Us: Never Forget

“There he is in the white shirt, fifth from the end…” So begins the bloody nightmare. Dewey Dunkkin thought his covert past was long forgotten, but there’s a Russian sniper out there who doesn't believe in forgetting… or in America’s national security. He believes in revenge, and is determined to kill him...as well as bring down the U. S. Presidency. Sexcapades, conspiracies, and a wake of murders...Dewey’s patriotic saga will have you laughing, guessing and on the edge of your seat.

Tiger Hound, How We Won the War and Lost the Country

A first person history of the Vietnam War.


Hundreds of lives were saved from Kamikaze attacks against ships that were supporting the battle at Okinawa due to the action taken by the US Navy and their allies flying from Aircraft Carriers against the nearby SAKISHIMA islands. For 82 days plus, fighters and bombers attacked Kamikaze airfields in order to neutralize them.Overshadowed by the raging ground war battles at Okinawa, little has ever been written about the air action that took place at the same time at Sakishima islands until now.

"I’m Praying Hard for You” – Love Letters to a Death Camp

Jo wrote to Bill on Nov. 5, 1941. Darling: Five days gone & each worse than the one before. Our model child goes to sleep right after 6 & sleeps thru the night so it is plenty quiet. Where are you? (Don't you wish you knew?) I do.

"Hardest Job in the U.S. Navy Seabees”

A sniper was terrorizing our camp at Tent City in Quang Tri for more than 30 days. If we lit a cigarette after dark we were likely to be targets for a sniper shot. We used a red lens in our flashlights at night if we went to the outhouse or shower so we would not be an easy target. We were quite relieved when the Marines propped up this dead Viet Cong sniper on the barbed wire fence outside our mess tent for all of us to see as we exited from breakfast. The Marines did their job.