Submitted by: George Navas

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Below you shall find a link to a ‘virtual’ ceremony held for Veterans Day 2020 in Hanover County, Va. The American Legion Post 175, in Mechanicsville, Va. plays a very large part in both Memorial and Veteran Day ceremonies within the county.

Almost half of the Hanover County Veterans Memorial Committee members are from Post 175 in Mechanicsville:

George Navas, chairman and first vice commander of Post 175
Edward Baggett, Honor Guard member of Post 175
Glenn Hawkins, chaplain of Post 175
James Kickler, past commander of Post 175
Jim Legg, commander of Post 175)
Colin Williamson, past first vice commander of Post 175

Not wishing the public and fellow veterans thinking that those whom have sacrificed so much for our freedoms were forgotten during this pandemic, the committee recorded Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies and posted them to social media.

‘Virtual’ ceremony links:
Memorial Day:
Veterans Day:

Hanover County Veterans Memorial link:

About the author:

Mr. Navas is the current first vice commander and membership chairman of Post 175. Previously, he served on the post executive committee and as post historian. He is also a Legion rider with Post 221 - the "Caroline Cavalry." A 30-year Navy veteran, he received the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) for heroic actions in the Pentagon on 9/11.