Merry Christmas To All The Heroes

This is my song to honor all our brave Veterans past and present. The name of my recording is Merry Christmas To All The Heroes. The song is written by me with vocals by Jeff Carson.

Morning Comes Breaking

A soldier, torn by the love for his beautiful sweetheart and a calling to protect our precious freedom.

A 1000 Heroes

This is a song about our vets. This is mainly aiming at WWII vets but wanting to honor all vets though their sacrifices for all of us.

The Pearl Harbor Songs

All four Pearl Harbor songs, plus nine more appropriate songs and poems, is the perfect gift for Legionnaires, and other veterans in any branch of service. The commemorative CD is unique, one-of-a-kind, being offered at a discount to mark the 75th anniversary of the December 7,1941, attack on Pearl Harbor.

Warrior Songs releases CD to help veterans heal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jason Moon Oct. 20, 2016 920-257-6156

A Fresh Breath Of Freedom

America is Free. Although at the present time the citizenship tend to take freedom for granted. There are forces in the world that disagree with our philosophy of freedom and would attempt to subdue the great USA. In order to provide a national awareness factor I have written a song titled "A FRESH BREATH OF FREEDOM". Those that have listened have stated the song affects them "so that I get goose bumps as a wake up".

Take Me Home

Military montage produced to tell the story of the men and women that serve the United States of America. The selfless acts, the sense of mission, and the dedication to purpose are demonstrated in this video. Take Me Home captures the intensity of battle and shows the ultimate sacrifices made so we at home can enjoy the freedoms provided by the service of our United States military. Too many soldiers come home only to experience difficulty in returning to civilian life. This video shows how many end up as homeless vets. There are 50,000 homeless veterans in America today. One organization that is committed to making a difference is Operation Lift Hope. Check them out at Take Me Home was written and recorded by the Timothy Lewis Band. Visit us at Like us on Facebook! Available on iTunes.

Gallant Young Soldier

"Gallant Young Soldier" was written by Marissa Colombi; dedicated to her father, Robert Colombi. WWII Veteran, Sniper and Gunner, 30th Infantry, 119th Division (Old Hickory).

Till the Battle Has Been Won

Soulful music by and about veterans

Let's Not Forget Our Veterans

A song and video tribute to our Veterans, active Military Personnel