Forever 29

Soon to be released EP

Don't kneel on me

Stand for the national anthem and our flag.

Esquire names disabled Navy veteran's song one of the most powerful in country music

"Bullet Holes In The Sky," co-written by Navy veteran Jamie Trent, was named the 11th-most-powerful song in country music this year.

"Merry Christmas To All The Heroes"

An article about me and a song that I wrote to honor all our heroes who served in the military - past and present. The name of my recording is "Merry Christmas To All The Heroes."

Creating All Is Calm

All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 has been touring the country for the past decade and is now making its NYC debut at the Sheen Center. Creator Peter Rothstein talks about how the acapella production came to be.

Loving Veterans as Letters From Home

Erinn Diaz of Letters From Home devotes her life's work to a revival of patriotism, using a very unique approach!


Hey all you vets! Here's the way Boogie Woogie should be played! The rocking way you remember it by Ladyva and her '8 to the Bar' CD.

Merry Christmas To All The Heroes

This is my song to honor all our brave Veterans past and present. The name of my recording is Merry Christmas To All The Heroes. The song is written by me with vocals by Jeff Carson.

Morning Comes Breaking

A soldier, torn by the love for his beautiful sweetheart and a calling to protect our precious freedom.

A 1000 Heroes

This is a song about our vets. This is mainly aiming at WWII vets but wanting to honor all vets though their sacrifices for all of us.