The Men at the Wall

A tribute to all the men who bravely served in Vietnam

Then, now and beyond

Life as we knew it, know it today and visualize it for tomorrow.

Guardian Bullet

he enlisted he chose the field instead of hiding behind a desk now he has a slug close to his heart screaming I'm gonna die for the U.S God Bless


Soldier Expected to serve and follow orders, protect Expected to fight for our country, Expected to be loyal, fearless, courageous and strong ready to sacrifice Feels proud, nervous, sad, lonely Happy to come home Needs top training, equipment, and supplies Needs respect hope Needs care packages and letters from home Needs love Fears failing Not coming home Losing their life or limbs Loves their country Freedom Family, friends, and pets from home Thinks of home Believes in the squad, their comrades, themselves Believes in humanity and God Warrior, Protector, Savior, Hero, Shero, Life Saver Written collectively by Mrs. Carr’s fifth graders, Veterans Day 2016

Half Staff

Public flag on display.

"Don't Step On Old Glory"

Don’t Step On Old Glory I’ve been around For many years My stars and stripes Have seen many tears, I like to fly, Above I can see,

"Korea, No Longer Will They Be Forgotten"

Korea, No Longer Will They Be Forgotten brave young men they were, gallant and courageous, marching into the rice paddies, full fields on their backs, this foreign land with mountains, and a people divided by ideology,


Salute the Stars and Stripes on my cage. Old Glory's eyes are wise with age, ready to engage Her righteous rage on a...

Vietnam War

A Poem to My Grandpa Who Fought in Vietnam who through his experience while serving in the US Army in the 75th Regiment Airborne Rangers inspired this poem.

A Shining Star

Our veterans are marchin'