WARRIOR (July 4th meditation)

I am Gregg Valenzuela MD, USAF Ret, now practicing and living in Albuquerque, NM. I wrote it for friends and family who are veterans last 4th of July in remembrance of their sacrifice, commitment to duty, and patriotism.

Brave And Honorable

Many men and women haven served

Brave And Honorable

Poem : Brave And Honorable Written on Veteran's Day.

I Honor Your Red, White and Blue Soldier Souls.

This poem is dedicated to the Five Servicemen, who were murdered in Chattanooga, Tennessee in July 2015 at military sites.


This poem was written on Memorial Day.

The Nightmares of War Through the Eyes of my Father

My father, James Louis Fonder was an orphan whom had no one that cared what became of him. He was put in the Guardian Angels Catholic Orphanage when he was 10 years old and he joined the Navy when he turned 17 years old during the Second World War. He never told me his story in the Navy till I got out of the Army during the Vietnam War. He recieved the Purple Heart and Silver Star and I never knew till I became a Veteran like him. Here is the story in Poem I wrote for him before he died.

The Veteran

poem for all veterans.

You are My Brave Veteran Soldier Eyes

This veteran poem was created many years ago to honor our veterans on Veterans Day. Claude provides visual depths in this fictional poem of a brave soldier, who gave his life to defend the ideals of his country. This poem shows how his country and family honors him, and a powerful poem that honors all veterans dead and alive.

Forever Soldier Friendship Love

This veteran poem is dedicated to all the brave soldiers, who died for their country, and a loving reminder that their angelic spirits continue to protect all their friends and family from heaven above.

I'll Take the Old Guys

Old Veterans