Veterans day

Homage to Veterans

On 9/11 our Nation Dialed 9-1-1

On 9/11 our nation dialed 9-1-1. I was at work as the terrible sights were unfolding in New York and Pennsylvania. I had been given orders to close our state office. I had to wait until one employee returned and wrote this poem while I was waiting.

Our Flag

A patriotic and inspirational poem about the American flag

"Freedom and Liberty: The Price We Pay!"

The patriotic poem “Freedom And Liberty The Price We Pay” goes to the essence of our independence as a nation. It touches on the significance of what is freedom and liberty, how such is achieved, from whence it’s generated, ensuing cost, and pricess calculation!

Never Heroes

A poem in four stanzas that describes what it was like to live among WWII and Korean Conflict heroes for three years, and my ultimate take-away from that experience..


Written on Memorial Day

The Chief

A very short poem about what it means to be a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy/Coast Guard.


To honor all those who served in Viet Nam.

The Patriot's Salute

General patriotism


Poem titled "Gut Reaction" by C. N. Buchholz