A Blue Star Field for Veterans

Have you passed by a cemetery with U.S.A. flags on veterans' graves? They are saluting the brave ones who served their country.

My Brother (A Soldier's Poem)

A soldier's story of love and loss.

Remorseful Repose

Our Flag

He Was Only 19

He was only 19 when he went away

Leave No Man Behind

Leave No Man Behind

Brave And Honorable

Written on Veterans Day.


This poem was written on Memorial Day.

My Home Town

My experiences as a Vietnam-era veteran in my home town.

Vietnam Resurrected

Greetings - I have attached my poem "Vietnam Resurrected" for your review. My husband was in the Vietnam War. Ten years after the war ended, the "Today" show decided to broadcast from there for one week. They talked about how beautiful the country was, etc. But not one mention about the soldiers who suffered there. So in one morning I wrote this poem.

"Respect" and "Forgotten"

Veteran treatment and lack of respect for our flag.