Twenty two Pair of Boots

I wrote this poem to help raise awareness to the suicide rate of Veterans

Half a Century Past

Poetry*Vietnam*In My Own Words

Memorial Day

Giving something back - In their honor

Memorial Day

A poem in their honor

The Warrior's Shield

Introduction: Today we gather to honor the memory of the brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who sacrificed their all in defense of this nation, our way of life, and the freedoms we hold dear. And we also gather to honor the husbands and wives who grew old without their spouses; the children who grew up without a parent; and the parents who never saw their dreams for their children come to fruition. It is a sacred and profound honor for us, the living, who have been blessed by their sacrifice, to recognize these brave heroes who unselfishly gave their all for us! In their honor and to recognize their sacrifice, I wrote this poem, "The Warrior's Shield."

Two Flags

A Retiring American Flags advise to a new flag

A Soldier at the Wall

I wrote this poem from a photo I saw on social media and though I was never in the service, I can only imagine how the guys who visit the Wall feel and it is with great respect for all of them that I write...

The Men at the Wall

A tribute to all the men who bravely served in Vietnam

Then, now and beyond

Life as we knew it, know it today and visualize it for tomorrow.

Guardian Bullet

he enlisted he chose the field instead of hiding behind a desk now he has a slug close to his heart screaming I'm gonna die for the U.S God Bless