Patriotic football piece by Minneapolis writer Cain Pence

Cain Pence is a Minneapolis based writer. Mr. Pence is a graduate of Georgetown University and has traveled extensively throughout all 50 states. A lifelong Vikings fan, Mr. Pence's writings have appeared in numerous publications including The Hill, The Washington Times, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Examiner, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Santa Fe New Mexican, The Minn Post and others. He can be reached at

A poem about our veterans

This is a poem i wrote as a way to raise awareness about our homeless veterans.

Whe'r Our For' Fathers

About our divided nation and flag


Thought you might be interested. Women are veterans too and have the same, but different issues returning from deployment. I wrote this after I met a women who was deployed. She was 19. She and her battle buddy were walking patrol when he was shot in the head by a sniper. She took cover, couldn’t figure out where the shot came from. Reinforcements came. The Sgt told her to get back to base. She was in shock. She had blood and brain matter all over her from her battle buddy. She went to take a shower. She had to pull the matter from her hair, washing his blood from her body. She stood there a long time. She got out of the shower and dressed. She walked toward the tents and started to cry. The First Sgt told her to “suck it up.” She went to the dining hall and tried to eat something. She felt something in her hair and it was more brain matter. She is now a raging alcoholic. Carries a coffee cup with vodka in it. She’s attempted suicide 3 times but keeps getting caught. On one occasion, when her mom went to the store, she took a bottle of pills, but her mom forgot her keys and came back to the apartment and found her. I wrote this about her...and other women who have served.

Twenty two Pair of Boots

I wrote this poem to help raise awareness to the suicide rate of Veterans

Half a Century Past

Poetry*Vietnam*In My Own Words

Memorial Day

Giving something back - In their honor

Memorial Day

A poem in their honor

The Warrior's Shield

Introduction: Today we gather to honor the memory of the brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who sacrificed their all in defense of this nation, our way of life, and the freedoms we hold dear. And we also gather to honor the husbands and wives who grew old without their spouses; the children who grew up without a parent; and the parents who never saw their dreams for their children come to fruition. It is a sacred and profound honor for us, the living, who have been blessed by their sacrifice, to recognize these brave heroes who unselfishly gave their all for us! In their honor and to recognize their sacrifice, I wrote this poem, "The Warrior's Shield."

Two Flags

A Retiring American Flags advise to a new flag