Twenty Plus Two

"Twenty Plus Two" CA-148 Newport News Heavy Cruiser Written on June 27, 2016 Anniversary of her ghosting


Some of us are giving our great Nation a bad reputation by saying what we are saying!

My Pap

This poem is written in memory of Philip A. Smith by his 15 year old granddaughter.

Veterans with PTSD

Pills, pills and more pills for treating my list of ills, but when they don't work....

The Forgotten Meaning of Independence Day

Love of one's country cannot be purchased , priced , or bartered. It comes from within and never fades. No matter the cost.

The Veteran


Our Flag

Poem about our flag

Condolence Message For Memorial Day

Poem for Memorial Day

If These Boots Could Talk

If these boots could talk I wonder what stories they could tell About the men and women who wore them during their war from hel

Six Months Wonder

What I learned Without Realizing It