Submitted by: Paul Oster

Category: Poetry

The true value of a life is measured not In possessions acquired, but in hands helped, minds taught, and hearts that you've inspired. A hero Is not measured In medals or parades, but in quiet courage, selfless deeds, and sacrifices made. In acts of kindness great and small which cannot be repaid. In broken hearts made whole again, in lives that you have saved. You stand for what is right and true, giving all that you can give to help protect our nation and this world in which we live. There are people you've touched In a special way along life's winding road. They may not have been able to find the words or the chance to tell you so, but never think that your efforts are wasted, or your time misspent, For none of us can truly know how much our lives have meant. Believe in yourself and always be proud of the way you chose to go. The glow of the torch you hold aloft reaches farther than you know.

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