Flags prior to Memorial Day

Over 1,000 flags planted on veterans' graves.

Shoemaker post burns U.S. flags with honor

Shoemaker post becomes second in nation to construct memorial site for the interment of retired flag ashes, after Alabama post.

Typical Air America work

In a top-secret document later declassified, the Secretary of State designated Air America as the primary search and rescue force for northern Laos in 1965.

American Legion Post 196 event raises over $11K

Post 196 in Milford, Conn., is known for its beachfront location. Many summer events take place here, but we wanted to increase participation during winter months. What better way than to have a Polar Plunge fundraiser?

From the Air Force to college chancellor

Dr. McCollum has led delegations to South Africa, Costa Rica and Haiti to work on issues related to poverty, gender equality and education.

My most memorable day as a veteran

Uh, oh ... the guy looks a little rough, I wonder what he wants from me ....

Rumney Rocks

It was the start of a 7-day rock climbing trip in the White Mountains National Forest sponsored by Higher Ground USA. As I had no experience rock climbing, I was both excited and fearful of what the 7 days would hold. I only thought this would a game changer for me, that rock climbing would be a special calling. I left my newly wedded wife Luanne at home to find out how bad I wanted this.

Arbitrary, capricious and absurd

A five-year legal battle with VA succeeds.

A Reflection of Vietnam

The cost and the pride of freedom.

Christmas coats for kids

Fontana Post 772 gifts coats for kids during the winter and rainy months.