The 40-year-old Medic Bag

After 40 years of being out of Vietnam, a medic is reunited with his medica bag and his past........

"9/11 I remember..."

The Preface is written by daughter, Rosa Maria Lopez: This story is about my Dad's personal experience of the tragic events of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center eleven years ago now. He wrote about the role of Jerome Dominguez, a NYC police officer of the Emergency Service Unit, truck #3, of the Bronx. And this is his story...

A student's view on the Marine Corps Ball

Honoring the Marine Corps Birthday is more to a Marine than just a celebration. It is an achievement. Thirteen weeks of back breaking training is something most of us will never get to experience. Marines are prepared to fight and die for this country and so this celebration is like there second birthday. Each Ball counts as another year of survival for the Marines and their loved ones. 237 years of tradition and commitment to this country, we are the land of the free because of the brave!


World War II Memorial - Honor Flight - Hero's - Train Ride - Greatest Generation - Nursing Careers All of the above phrases have prompted me to share an experience which has shaped and touched the lives of many.

Everett Smith served with the 187th regiment, 11th Airborne Division during the Second World War. With time and age his scrapbook (kept by his mother) began to become damaged. Here in this blog are photographs, his letters and thoughts are included with a background of the entire unit's experience. I would be honored to have this included in your records, for I am the last of his bloodline.


How fine might the world have been but for ungodly war? The privileged of Freedom exacts a price; from the ardent brave, the supreme sacrifice, and yet, all is not loss, although most high-tagged are the priceless gifts our soldiers give, the ultimate sacrifices they have made, and are likely, by the Grace of God, to courageously offer in the future, as Freedom and the love of Freedom are not the ways of this sometimes, in some places, somewhat dismal world in all its dissension and discord...

Fire at the MGM Grand November 1980

On a cold November morning the MGM Grand on the Las Vagas strip was on fire. The 302nd Special Operations Squadron out of Phoenix, Arizona was on a TDY at Nellis AFB, just north of Las Vagas. The 302nd responded with three HH-3E heavy lift helicopters to assist local first responders with rescue and transport efforts. I was the Flight Engineer on Pony 01 the first helicopter to arrive.

The Military Working Dog 70 Years of Praise

There is a bill in the Senate called, “Canine Members of the Armed Services Act (S.2134), which is intended to reclassify MWDs as canine members of the armed forces, instead of being classified as ‘equipment’. It seems to be stalled in Congress (the House of Representatives has a companion bill processing). I urge every member of the American Legion to contact their representatives in Washington and ask them to support these bills.

The Kiwi bird story

The story of the Kiwi loosing it's ability to fly, in comparison to the Army and the other three branches.

461st Ordinance Ammunition Company, Wonju Korea 1951/52

My personal experiences in Wonju, Korea 1951/52