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SAL donates $110,000 to the CWF

The Sons of The American Legion has made its mark on the Child Welfare Foundation as the largest contributor, donating more than $4 million over the past 17 years. And the generous donation figures keep rising.

In the months leading up to The American Legion’s 2011 Spring National Executive Committee Meetings in Indianapolis May 2-5, members of many SAL squadrons located in 39 detachments raised a little over $110,000 for the Legion’s CWF.

“Words cannot describe the accolades that should be afforded to the Sons of The American Legion for their enthusiasm and dedication in helping children,” said Dennis Boland, president of the CWF. “Without the Sons contributions, the Child Welfare Foundation grants awarded each year would be drastically reduced. As I often say, it’s not about me or you, but about the future as we help others survive and maintain a life that is fulfilling after suffering catastrophic illnesses. At times, deeds are not instantly recognized. But in our hearts, we are self-rewarded knowing that our actions have saved the life of a child.”

CWF accepts funding proposals from nonprofit organizations that are creating or updating projects that contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children. Since the foundation’s inception in 1955, more than $9 million has been granted to nonprofit organizations to assist children in need.

To learn more about The American Legion’s Child Welfare Foundation, download an application or donate, click here.