Connecticut Legion Family: $17,000 raised for hospitalized children
American Legion 3rd District of Connecticut Kids Walk in Monroe on April 24, 2021. Photo by 3rd District.

Connecticut Legion Family: $17,000 raised for hospitalized children

For more than 25 years, the Department of Connecticut American Legion Family has conducted a Kids Walk and other fundraisers to benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) in Hartford. The department’s seven districts host the events in April for Children & Youth Month with all donations supporting CCMC.

Department Children & Youth Chairman Louie Robinson has now tallied the donations from the seven districts, whether they hosted a walk or conducted other fundraising efforts for the medical center. He will present a $17,000 check to CCMC in the coming weeks.

“This cause to support the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is very rewarding, and we are very proud of it,” Robinson said.

The 3rd District hosted a Kids Walk April 24 at Great Hallow Lake in Monroe with the Legion Family and community. T-shirts were awarded to walkers with $25 or more in donations.

The district raised $1,500.

During the Kids Walk, “people come up to us and say ‘Hi. What are you doing? Oh that sounds fun’ and they jump in and walk with us,” said Victor Yanosy, commander of American Legion Sippin-Winspur Post 176 in Monroe. “Some read about it in the local Monroe newspaper, and they bring their families just as a way to get out and meet the community. It’s for a really good cause.”

The mission of CCMC is to “improve the physical and emotional health of all children.” Every donation that the Department Connecticut Legion Family raises for CCMC helps provide resources to support this mission.

“In the 3rd District the Kids Walk has almost become a rite of spring,” said Mike Kellet, 3rd District executive committeeman. “We get out together and chat, enjoy each other’s company. You have all that enjoyment plus you’re raising money for a children’s medical center. You can’t beat it.”

The 3rd District was unable to hold its Kids Walk last April due to the pandemic. They hosted a fundraiser in September and raised $2,700 for CCMC.