July 1: department deadline to turn in C&Y reports 
The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, coached by Sons of The American Legion member Bucky Weaver, put on a softball camp for children missing a limb in Fairfax, Va., on Friday, Jun. 16, 2017. Photo by Lucas Carter.

July 1: department deadline to turn in C&Y reports 

The American Legion Department Children & Youth report is due to National Headquarters by July 1.

The Department Children & Youth report provides enhanced, consolidated reporting on assistance provided to children and youth by levels within the organization other than posts (e.g., district, county, area and department) that are not captured through the Consolidated Post Report.

Download the Department Children & Youth report here.

The American Legion encourages department Children & Youth chairmen to have posts fill out the section pertaining to children and youth activities. This Department Children & Youth report is the responsibility of the chairman and must be received by National Headquarters no later than July 1.

When completed, the form should be sent directly to:

The American Legion, ATTN: Children & Youth

P.O. Box 1055

Indianapolis, IN  46206-1055

Or send by fax (317) 630-1369 or email americanism@legion.org.

Departments with 100 percent reporting will receive a 100 percent Reporting Citation Award.