Photo by James V. Carroll

American Education Week, Nov. 14-20

The American Legion has a commitment to education, believing a strong education program is vital to instill a sense of personal obligation and responsibility in today’s youth. Therefore, as American Education Week approaches, Nov. 14-20, the Legion and the National Education Association (NEA) highlights ways Legion posts can support the NEA’s annual tagline, “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility.”

During American Education Week, posts can:

Honor educators by hosting a banquet or social hour, or by presenting a certificate of appreciation.

Exhibit student work and special projects within the post.

Sponsor a public forum to gain an understanding of local educational system needs.

Sponsor a poster, art and essay contest for students.

Volunteer during a school’s open house and distribute American Legion youth materials.

Write news releases on activities taking place within the community during education week.

Announce American Education Week through posters, street banners and billboards.

Enlist Boys State/Girls State and Oratorical participants.

Conduct a 30-second radio ad (Example: Education ... protecting the foundation of freedom that we Americans cherish. American Legion Post __ is proud of __ community schools, and that’s why we support American Education week, November 14-20. We realize the future of America lies in the hands of today’s youth, and for 89 years we have believed a strong America needs a strong educational base. That is why “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility,” is more than just National Education Association’s tagline. Join The American Legion and visit your local school during American Education Week.)

For further information on ways to support American Education Week, click here.