Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MADD offers a variety of alcohol prevention programs for youths and adults, victim services, guidance through the criminal justice system, and court accompaniment.

National Association for Children of Alcoholics
A national nonprofit membership association and advocate for children and families affected by alcoholism and other drug dependencies, NACoA raises public awareness, provides leadership in public policy, advocates for appropriate and effective education and prevention services, and facilitates and advances professional knowledge and understanding.

National Families in Action
National Families in Action is a national drug information center that distributes up-to-date facts about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse. This organization offers a number of free materials to educate both children and adults.

PRIDE Youth Programs
PRIDE has been a leader in the drug-prevention field, offering innovative programs that encourage youth to take the lead in drug prevention. PRIDE training programs provide young people with problem-solving and other life skills. Parents, adults, and community members offer guidance and support teams of youth dedicated to making a difference.