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Dr. Tommy Sowers, assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs in the Department of Veterans Affair (VA), is meeting with three staff members from the Legion’s Washington office: Executive Director Peter Gaytan, Economic Division Director Joe Sharpe, and Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division Director Verna Jones. They are meeting to discuss ways in which VA can improve its delivery of benefits to veterans.


  1. More can be done if we have competent people doing the screening and reviewing the Vets claims and not like in my case. This has been going on for almost two years like a lot of vets and this is just plain wrong. For all practical purposes it seems like the VA compensation and disability units, at least here in NC, either wish I would and others, drop dead or just go away and give up.

  2. I think they are not doing enough to help the vets. my husband gets 70% service connected disablity. and gets charged over $2000.00 per visit for medical checkup,blood work and a chest xray. they collect from our personal insurance, his disablity and our state income tax refund. we cant seem to get any answers from them. i spent a week calling all the #s i was given and no answers to what we owe. i figured it to be now about $5000.00 now for 3 visits. icalled our govners office and called the va. and then the va called me and wanted to know why. could this be why the vets are homeless and no medical care. its just not fair, they fought for their rights and ours. so we all could have homes and health care. but i guess they can just choose who gets help and who dont. please i want to see and hear from all the vets that feel like me and my husband. email me at or call 1-501-681-7137. thanks for the time.

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