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The American Legion has repeatedly called upon Congress to provide advance funding for all VA programs, and to protect them from government shutdown.

The servicemembers killed or wounded in the 2009 attack should be considered victims of terrorism – not workplace violence.

The White House and Pentagon support military benefit cuts in an effort to curb growing costs amidst constant budget cuts.

Legionnaires have a voice in the nation's capital. On behalf of the organization's membership, The American Legion's Legislative staff monitors the progress of legislation passing through the House and Senate, and attends various congressional committee hearings, providing testimony at many.

Featured Sections

2013 Legislative Priorities

The top issues The American Legion will be fighting for in the first session of the 113th Congress, 2nd session.

Legislative Handbook

This booklet explains the importance of legislation to the Legion’s programs, why it is necessary for members of The American Legion family to lend individual support when requested, and how to know when to offer support.

Legislative Action Center

Help The American Legion by taking action on current issues and legislation.