Legion on Syria: Proceed with caution

American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger is urging Congress to consider national interests carefully before deciding whether or not to take military action against Syria.

"While we have not addressed the Syrian situation as such, we commend Congress for its due diligence under its Constitutional authority," Dellinger said. "The American Legion also urges Congress and President Obama to be guided in their decisions by principles outlined in our organization’s relevant resolutions. That is, American national interests should be clearly identified and defined before military action is taken."

A vote is expected as early as next week by members of the U.S. House and Senate on the issue. In the meantime, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be conducting its first hearing on Syria today; Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey are scheduled to testify.


  1. Stay out! No arms to anyone? We try gun control here yet arm zealous, religious fanatics with devastating deadly arms. The government wants my assault rifle and send stinger missiles to the afghan fighters. This is leadership? With just a little effort some very dirty small nuclear devices could "and will " be smuggled across a virtually un defended border with SOUTH America. We need to be currying favor with Mexico and Canada. Israel cannot be defended from here. he length of supply lines, the swift attack capabilities. with organization the Arab world could annihilate Israel. Arab disagreement over whatever saves them, along with a fighting tenacity the IDF has. Is Iraq on its own? The Balkans? Afghanistan ? Did we learn nothing from Korea, Vietnam? God have mercy on us. The world won't.
  2. Nobody would benefit more from from a U.S. strike on Syria than Israel. Next thing you know, they'll want us to attack Iran, as well. These toxic, parasitic manipulators of our politicians and puppetmasters of the mass media (which influences the millions they dupe to vote for politicians who will further Israel's agenda) will stop at nothing until America crushes all of their regional enemies. No other country on the face of the Earth enjoys as much influence as AIPAC wields amongst the officials we elected to work for US. To those who say Israel is our "best" friend in the Middle East, I say we never had any serious enemies in that region prior to the establishment of Israel. They have no qualms about stirring things up, as long as they have America to clean-up the mess. If you think the Israelis care how many Americans are maimed and killed (doing their bidding), you're dreaming. I say "Enough"! It's time we focus on the best interests of the United States and proven, long-term allies like Canada, Great Britain and her Commonwealth. The "line in the sand" was drawn by a man whom has never spent a single day in uniform (which makes him unworthy to preside over the military, in my opinion). Obama has put us in a terrible position with regard to our credibility on the international stage. Of course, this is the guy whose administration is actively working to establish a pathway to citizenship for those whom have invaded our country illegally and killed more Americans than we've lost in the same timeframe as the 9/11 attacks and subsequent hostilities. We have more than enough problems at home, and this idiot wants us to jump into another war? No thanks...
  3. The issue of whether or not to attack Syria has presented me with a tough decision as to which side to stand with. However, after much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that we should not intervene. If chemical weapons were not part of the equation, the decision would have been an easy one. I would have been firmly in the no attack camp. The Muslims have been killing anyone who does not share their “religious” beliefs for a thousand years and if no infidels are around, they kill each other and they aren’t going to stop now. Nothing that we can say or do will change their barbaric customs or make them stop hating us so I don’t see why we continue to spend lives and money on them. As far as the chemical weapons go, as long as they are not directing them at us or our allies, I don’t see a problem. Let them kill each other as much as they want because all of those crazed animals in the Middle East are not worth one American soldier’s life. If Obama and the Congress insist on following the foolhardy course of risking the consequences, and there are many, of military action against Syria when the United States has nothing to gain I think that it would be time to look for new leadership for this Country.
  4. May I suggest this is a United Nations problem and we should back their decision to punish (or not) any Nation that uses illegal chemical weapons. We should HELP but not by ourselves. All other Nations that vote to punish should also be involved.
  5. I think we should do a full military build-up in the Middle East. Poise our missiles, and then attack every possible nuclear development location in IRAN. Destroy their nuclear capabilities for decades. Syria has always been a proxy exporting terrorism for Iran. Iran is the real problem, the central main problem in the whole Middle East. Both sides fighting in Syria are undesirable for the USA, therefore there is no good choice to support. Our radicalized Muslim concerns should be Iran in the Middle East and the "Muslim Brotherhood" wherever it exists.
  6. I agree with my fellow Legionnaires that the US should stay out of this one and the Arab world in general. We need to focus our attention and resources on helping our own citizens out most importantly our Veterans. It would be a waste of money and lives. USCGR (Ret) Commander Loudon Post 88
  7. So they want to send some missles into Syria. Syria retaliates and sends some short range missles to one of our ships, one of our embassies, or Isreal. Then what? Once you shoot a bullet you can't take it back. This is a stupid idea.
  8. I totally agree the situation is a nightmare just waiting to come alive. Who is to say that those we help today will be the same individuals firing bullets back at us in the future. It's about time we sit back and take care of our own.
  9. We must not get involved did they not learn it was a bad idea to give arms to anyone in that sand box. It makes no sense for Assad to use chemicals at this point in time his army is holding it's own, in April when he did use it according to the British that would have been the time to do something with the backing of others. That time is past now we risk China calling in on our debts and Russia pouring full aid to Assad and all of it coming down on Israel.
  10. why do we think we are the world police force? these people have been killing each other for centries we wont stop it. Also we keep cutting funding for our people and national parks because our governments says there are no funds Where the hell do these funds come from that are spent on all are the men women and military cost for these military actions. Let the so called UN do there job not the dear US
  11. kerry,obama and gang want to give aid and comfort to our enemies that decapitate priests, cannibalize their "enemies" and commit wholesale mayhem against their perceived opponents. Like just about everyone else on this thread, I say KEEP OUT. I equate the Syrian "rebels" to the murderous,Cambodian regieme of the 70's. They are evil personified.
  12. I am a WW2 veteran. STAY OUT OF SYRIA. We've done too much prowling around the world getting Americans killed. Let Israel fight its own battles.
  13. I am an American Legion Life Member. I am also a 30 year army veteran of two wars. An attack on Syria is unwarranted, not of interest to America, and should not take place. Just think what a 200 missile attack would do to civilians. Thousands would die. No attack no way. The Legion should change their position to say No attack. Lets stand up for what we, veterans, know. If you agree with this write the legion commander ASAP.
  14. Our Nobel peace prize president wants military action, they could care less about us, he wants to help his Muslim friends,
  15. I agree, the last thing we need to do is get involved in another conflict. Is this situation not a UN function? Why do we have to impose our values and way of doing things on every other country? Thanks, just an opinion.
  16. I agree, let' sit this one out and let these clowns kill each other. After all, both sides are our enemies! We have enough problems without getting into a hot war with potential rivals such as Russia & China. Focus on Iran where the real threat exists. Do not subject our active duty or reserve Marines, Sailors, Soldiers & Airmen to unnecessary combat with yet another unnecessary death toll. Semper Fidelis
  17. I see no reason for US involvement. I think it is a smoke screen by this President and his congress and staff of blundering idiots. Lets get to the root of fast and furious, Binghazi, Obama care, etc. Lets prosecute them and put them behind bars for their murderous doings and the crooked tactics;
  18. I vote Lets Stay Out of It, I see no U.S. national interest or threat yet. so let mind are on business,this smells we still can't get the facts regarding Bengazi, Fast and Furious,NSA and IRS scandles/investigation and some of these have been over a year, but we we got all the facts on Syria's use of Chemical weapons in a couple of days WOW!
  19. Regarding Syria, we should stay as far away as possible from that mess, it's a no win situation. The Arab nations have been asking the world for help with Syria, the last I heard they have armies and air forces. Let them take care of this little problem in their own territory or is it against their "religion". They ask us to hold their hand while they stick a knife in our back, I say no mas, no mas.
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