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Also today, Dean Stoline, deputy Legislative director, is attending the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs markup meeting to consider pending legislation.


  1. Hello
    I am one of thousands of young veterans that have a need from the V.A. medical system. I wish there was the ability to have some limited child care available for young veterans that have young children while making there appointments.

    I had a difficult time after my discharge from the U.S. Army and making many appointments at the V.A. hospitals. My wife had been juggling two part time jobs. My disability claims took a long time as most veterans. We moved to a new area and did not know anyone and had no family within hours of driving time. Can and will the American Legion help get this established? There is Tens of thousands of young veterans with this need now. Please help ~ John G. Arnold
    108 Douglas Rd.
    Thomas, WV. 26292
    U.S. Navy & U.S. Army veteran

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