How to join The American Legion

For veterans who qualify, there are multiple ways to join The American Legion. The traditional way is to fill out a simple form, which can be given to a recruiter or any Legionnaire who will make sure that the rest of the process is in motion. Prospective members may also join online.

Here’s a look at both methods, each of which can be done in a matter of minutes:

Paper form. After a new member completes the application form, a Legion representative will sign it and take it to the local post. If a candidate is signed up at a post, he or she can receive the membership card on the spot or will be sent the new card shortly thereafter.

Regardless of where a recruit is signed up, the post adjutant or membership chairman will log his or her information and then transmit the form to the department headquarters. The department will forward the information to National Headquarters, usually within a week. At that time, the information will be logged into the national system.

Online form. Prospective members also can sign up online. Visit and follow the easy prompts from there. This information will be processed by National Headquarters. Once processed, a membership card will be sent along with other new-member materials.

Once a member, you also can save time, effort and postage by renewing your membership online, and you may choose to take advantage of the Automatic Renewal Program now available nationwide.

Members can simply go to and click "Renew Now" to safely and conveniently pay their dues. Once a member enters the information requested, he or she can set the account for automatic annual renewal, as well as select the option to receive email renewal notices instead of notices through the mail. If the membership is current, he or she may still choose to sign up for automatic annual renewal and/or to receive renewal notices by email only. Automatic renewal can also be set up by calling the toll-free American Legion customer service line at (800) 433-3318.

Benefits of American Legion membership

Regardless of whether a member joins via pencil or computer, the membership benefits will include:

Discounts: These practical, money-saving discounts for you and your family will easily save you many times the cost of your annual membership dues.

Magazine: Our nation’s leaders speak directly to citizens on the pages of The American Legion Magazine. The monthly magazine features in-depth analysis, historical stories, Q&As with high-profile officials, news about veterans issues and much more.

Voice on Capitol Hill: The American Legion is the nation’s most influential, effective and dependable advocate of veterans affairs, fighting for better active-duty pay, improved housing for active-duty families and helping to ensure that VA’s medical system is effectively serving those who served.

VA benefit assistance: Your membership helps support department service officers nationwide who assist veterans in preparing claims and obtaining their full military health-care benefits through VA.


  1. My Father, Peter James Christina was a Korean War Veteran. He has long since passed away. I was wondering if I as his next of kin could join? Thank You, your Humble Servant Jim Christina.
  2. If anyone reading this had their questions answered, please let any of us others know. You've got me very curious! It's sad to think an organization as large and well known as this can't be bothered to answer simple questions, or as in Mr. Shea's case, can' be bothered to take care of a membership application. KBryan, USAF, retired
  3. Qualification for membership in the American Legion is set by acts of Congress. To see if you are eligible simply click on the JOIN button at the top of the page. Must have serviced as active duty in set time frame shown in that web site.
  4. If anyone reading this had their questions answered, please let any of us others know. You've got me very curious! It's sad to think an organization as large and well known as this can't be bothered to answer simple questions, or as in Mr. Shea's case, can' be bothered to take care of a membership application. KBryan, USAF, retired
  5. How do I join, my dad was in the service and I have his DDS 214 and was told I do can not join since he was in service from 1958-1961... Is this correct I help out with the Military now as a FRG.. Can anyone help...
  6. I was told the same thing that I could join since my dad serviced 4 years active duty in the Vietnam War and I as well have his DD214. I can't seem to be able to find any of the information on this site on how to do so. If anyone can answer this question it would be very helpful.
  7. Have not served in any law enforcement agency but willing to join the Foreign Legion. Do I qualify or not. Regards Mr Brooks
  8. Dalton, my best guess is that being online is new to the many elderly vets that volunteer for the American Legion. Traditionally you would go into any American Legion to join. I cannot post the actual link, but it is available off you search "legion" and "join"
  9. I would like to become a member so that I can support my community where I live which is Riverside, CA. However I never served in the Military or any armed forces. Do I have to be in the armed forces to become a member? Regards, Charles Butler
  10. If someone in your family served you can be a member of the Sons of American Legion. Hope that helps.
  11. To recruit new members I want to print out new member application form, but am unable to find it on your website.
  12. WOW! Was thinking about joining but there are too many negative comments! If this organization doesn't respond to comments, then how do they treat their members? Going to have to do a lot more research on this one to alleiate my apprehension.
  13. Do you not respond to these comments? I have some of the same questions, but seeing no responses,why should I bother?
  14. I was in the Air force from 1978 till 1982. I served my country and I was there if they needed me. Why can't I join the American Legion?
  15. Melissa I served in the USAF the same years as you, 1978-1982. I'm dismayed to see that I am not eligible to join the American Legion. Somehow our service isn't good enough???
  16. I have a general discharge under honorable conditions, can I still join? Viet nam era
  17. I was in the army from 1978 to 1982, and when I fill out the application it doesn't show my dates. Can I still become a member
  18. Questions: How do you explain this happening - How was this issue resolved? What actions have been taken to insure that such issues will not be repeated?
  19. I returned your recent membershhip offer with my $25.00 check. You cashed it on 22 Novemberr. I was supposed to receive a watch. this was promised in the membership offer. I have received neither confirmation of my membership, nor have I ereceived the promised watch. Unless I receive both, I shall contact the newspapers, TV and Bank America. Was this a scam? I am a disabled WWII veteran who redceives a small disabled pension. Please reply soonest, I am a member of Disabled Veterans, and I also plan to contact them unless you reply with my membership and watch. Edward //t. Shea 13184937
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