Legion part of legal consortium

On March 10, American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division Director Barry A. Searle attended the monthly meeting of the Veterans' Consortium Executive Board in Washington.

The consortium is an organization made up of members from The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America and National Veterans Legal Services Program, as well as private-practice attorneys. The purpose of the consortium is to recruit, train and assign pro bono attorney representation to veterans who wish to be represented in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Veterans do not need to be members of any service organization to be represented. Appealed cases are reviewed and, if proven to have a valid claim, are represented at no charge by assigned volunteer attorneys.


  1. I am a Marine veteran who is facing criminal and Family court charges for something I didn't do. Now I am faced with losing my children even though I am getting the help I need from the VA. CPS is discounting my Psychologist's opinion that I am safe around my children, even though he has a PhD in Psychology and works exclusively with anger management for veterans. The CPS Worker is stating tht he is not grasping the seriousness of the situation. I need a lawyer who is willing to do pro-bono work because I feel that my family and I are being discriminated against because we do receive assistance temporarily until I can find a decent job doing tax preparation, or at least do pro bono work until we can file a civil suit against The Beatrice Police Dpartment, Nebraska CPS, My fiance's son's school for unfair and invalid practices.
  2. I believe I was discriminated against on the basis of my medical disability. Naturally, I was guilty regardless of circumstance or others actions simply because they had filed a complaint and once a complaint was filed according to school policy I was subject to suspension or expulsion. The school did not act accordingly once I self identified, even though I asked for no special privileges. Which I had done immediately with each instructor at the beginning of each class starting with the summer term. I had only one issue with an instructor during the summer term but no one talked to me about it and I didn't report it for fear of retaliation later. The Fall semester however an incident occurred which eventually led to them wanting to separate me from the the regular student population. The initial incident wasn't the only cause according to them but other issues that were taken out of context were included. When I refused the initial plan, feeling that it was unfair, they, coincidentally, held review board and expelled me from school. I did not attend these boards because in the initial meeting with the Dean of Students it was clear there was no 'normal' process innocent until proven guilty. I had no intention of going to the other review boards because my particular disability would only make matters worse. (PTSD, TBI, Anxiety, Depression, etc.). Even after asking for copies of the review board details I have never received anything except the letter of expulsion and emails stating I am only allowed on campus with the Dean's permission first. My wife and I are absolutely convinced I was discriminated against on the basis of my medical disability and that the school from protecting itself with no concern for me. They have no true representation of Veteran Affairs either. I need to find a lawyer who will take on the case, if there is a case. V/r, Dean Edler
  3. dean-edler-at-gmail-com Post 44, Gulf Shores, AL 36542 251-979-4569 My Cell
  4. I am a retired Marine. Can I get free legal representation to adopt my wife, grandson?
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