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The Legion’s deputy Legislative director, Ian DePlanque, and Zachary Hearn, deputy director for benefits, are attending a meeting held by the Disabled American Veterans regarding proposed regulation changes to the veterans’ disability claims process.


  1. Feb 6 2014

    My name is Mary Delreco' Holloway and my husband George passed away in sept 2008 I applied for benefits thru v.a we were denied . We do get social security survivor benefits 2 yrs ago the water pipes in the attic that went to the furnace busted and our house flooded we lost all our furniture almost everything we were homeless with nowhere to go we were able to save all of the photos of my husband and children and all of his certificates and awards My Youngest daughter stayed at her sisters and i stayed where ever i could that was close to her mostly in my car we put all we could save in storage jan 5th 2013 my youngest daughter faith was in a car accident hit head on she was trapped in that car for 45 min while paramedics cut through to get her out . Thank god she survived . She came back to living with me once she was release from hospital she had to have surgery on her hip knee and ankle . She now has a rod where the femoor bone was she still has to have surgery to repair the A.C.L behind her knee.we got behind on our storage when she was in hospital.

    We're living on only 800 a month i received notice they are going to auction it off on sat we have lost so much already we just can't lose this everything that means anything to my daughter and me is in that unit every picture and every video tape of my children and my husband everything my daughter had is there ,please please help us we got no one to turn to respectfully Mary Delreo the name of the storage is ( safe place storage) spanaway wa on field rd my number us 253-442-0829 PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP my husbands name is george leroy holloway jr born oct 11th 1942 was in the army then into the air force and and settled in the navy he did 2 tours to vietnam he was 100 percent disabled for 7 yr prior to his death we had been together since 1997 except for a short period between 2000 and 2002 we married in 2004 he died from copd diabetes heart problems ptsd depression nightmares and had the first stages of dementia his social is 452-64-8666 thank you so much for your time,my husband is buried at tahoma national cemetery in covington wa

    Mary Delreco Holloway

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