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Appeals court extends life of DADT

A federal appeals court on Monday indefinitely extended its freeze on a judge’s order halting enforcement of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, siding with The American Legion in the debate.

American Legion National Commander Jimmie Foster called on President Obama to appeal the ruling from U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips in Riverside, Calif., that would have immediately suspended and discontinued any investigation, or discharge, separation or other proceeding that may have been commenced under DADT.

“Consistent with our long-standing policy of allowing the military to police its own requirements and standards for service, The American Legion requests you appeal this decision and seek a stay on the current injunction,” National Commander Jimmie L. Foster wrote in a letter to the White House in mid-October. “No action by a single federal judge should obviate the policy of Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell before the Department of Defense completes its review.”

To read the full story on Monday’s ruling, click here.


  1. I'm amazed by the ignorance of thinking that gays serving in the military will subject all others to a death sentence by HIV. Please get your head out of the sand. You have just as great a chance of contracting HIV from the heterosexual community and if you'd have followed the news in the last 15 years or more, you'd know that HIV is not a "death sentence" either. I've served with gays who had to hide their orientation from all but their most trusted friends and they were just as capable and honorable as any other sailor, soldier or airman out there. By the way, you served with them too, whether you know it or not. The argument that the DoD or anybody needs more time to review the impact is a farce. They've had an obligation to be considering the impact since DADT's inception in '93 and now they need more time? The fact is this, we all gave up a lot of personal freedoms and opinion for the honor to serve our country and be proud of who we are. They must have that right too.
  2. It's hard enough being a grunt, you have no choice of association, if openly homosexual individuals are allowed it will ruin the military. As a civilian we can walk away from anything we find offensive or disgusting which you can't do when you're in a foxhole. If The Legion changes it's stance on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" then I won't associate with our organization at all anymore. Patrick SFC U.S. Army (Ret.)
  3. It bothers me that Jimmie L. Foster supports DADT. I am a gay VietNam veteran who just joined the American Legion. If I had known this was the Legion's official attitude I would not have joined.
  4. What is obama thinking? Does he want to open ths flood gates to have the armed forces so saturated with the gay community that when on the battle field, a soldier is wounded and they don't have time to check the blood for hiv and sentence this poor soldier to a life of living with aids? Lets get real. Bad enough our soldiers are in harms way without giving them a death sentence of aids also.
  5. I'm confused. Obama, Gates and the Pentagon have all said that DADT needs to be repealed, yet they fight the court's decision to end it. Sounds like empty rhetoric, pure hypocracy. What about those guys who were brought back into the military during the interim while DADT had been suspended? Is Uncle Sam going to kick them out again? Adding insult to injury? This is all wacky. There is a serious leadership vacuum in this country. Ron Kriel CAPT USN (Ret.)
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