Chairman Dale Barnett and the rest of the National M&PA Committee will be in Indianapolis Friday.

Membership the topic of discussion

Members of The American Legion's National Membership & Post Activities Committee will be in Indianapolis on Friday to discuss goals for the upcoming membership year, and receive training and briefings on the new American Legion Web site, the renewal process and other areas.

Jimmie Foster, the national commander's representative to the Legislative Commission and the leading candidate for 2010-2011 national commander, is the featured speaker. Legionnaire Fang Wong, a consultant to the Legislative Commission, also will address the committee.

The meeting is expected to wrap up Friday afternoon.


  1. Gentlemen, Glad to read your comments here and just want you to know that my Post 219 Malone, NY had me write a resolution seeking changes to the eligibility requirements.If ya'll would send me your e-mail address I would e-mail copies and my argument paper for your perusal. I am presently working with three Congressmen on this issue, but need support from all Posts. I have also submitted an article on the issue to our AL magazine hoping it will get printed. One final comment here and that is "Congress does not set the dates for eligibility, our organization sets the dates and then Congress establishes those dates in law. God Bless America, Frank
  2. The problem with the American Legion is that it is primarily operated by old men. No matter what suggestions, facts, ideas, and thoughts you offer the Legion whether on a local post level, state level and or national level, the leaders of this organization are not interested as to any new suggestions or thoughts. The leaders have an answer to every question you would ask and they have a solution for any problem you may indicate to them. These old men will still sit around their posts nationwide, drink their cheap beers at their post bars and eat their cheap or free dinners. They will talk about a lot of nothing. I know as a past legion commander in my hometown in Southold, NY, I have been there and done that with these old men. They sit there at post meetings and wonder why the membership in their posts are declining. Again, if you mention changing the legion charter to allow former active duty military personnel who served during the Cold War Period to be allowed to join the legion all one would get from these old men is just; " the dead fish stare!" Any suggestions of change, adapting, or improvising to get Cold War Vet's to be able to join is met with hostility and adverse criticism. I have seen one post in my division fold up and be dissolved because membership has dissolved itself. I really believe that the American Legion whether on a local level or the national level would rather see it's organization go the same way that the dinosaurs went before the legion would stoop so low as to allow Cold War Vet's to join.
  3. I am told that Congress determines war period dates. OK I also understand and deeply appreciate and respect the American Legion and VFW as war time VSO's. Having said that, for those service member Veterans who served in CONUS, VFW will not accept; understand that and why it's so. Service member Veterans who served in CONUS during the Cold War Period, 1945 to 1991, protecting the very ground and country we live in for almost near 50 years and many, many of these Veterans are relegated to less than equal. With all due respect to those Veterans who served overseas in foriegn lands; combat or support, You have my undying gratitude and respect. God love you all. But what about the undying honor of those in CONUS not covered by the A.L. War period dates, who again protected the very dirt we cherish and stand own, why not give them the honor of your membership, as well. Have they not earned it? Our country fought a great civil war 1860 to 1865, here,the honor and valor is well known.
  4. But what about the undying honor of those in CONUS not covered by the A.L??? There is always the AMVETS to join. (But I don't think that is what you really want to hear is it?)
  5. The American Legion as an elligibility requirement only requires minimally one day of honorable active duty service on or after 28 Frebruary 1961, correct. How then if an honorably serving veteran who was awarded or issued The National Defence Service Medal in the Vietnam War time period between 01 January 1961 and 28 February 1961 is NOT elligible for membership in the American Legion. FACT: MAAG Vietnam was in active combat ops in the Republic of Vietnam as early as 1959. I would appreciate a response from the American Legion on this issue, please. Thank you
  6. Hello....errr...Belknap? I think I saw this same question over at the ACWV web discussion forum too. But this is a great question, I have no definate answer for. Could it be that this National Defense medal got issued first but then later, congress acknowledged the hostilities a month later in writing? I don't know if you miss out on those eligible years of the American Legion, as far as I...(1982-1984) are the dates I fully fall under, so a Cold War Medal won't help me gain eligibility I all ready have here. Speaking for myself, I think ACWV is a complete waste of time, so I bailed a long time ago. Stick around here. These organizations are dying now, mostly WWII guys that ran the joints, nobody's joining. Maybe online, but not in the clubs/canteens. So its surprising to see uneligible guys wanting in so bad into something that is sinking. If these clubs want to survive, something has gotta give. Either curb the eligibility requirements by letting all veterans join or fold.
  7. Hi 29Palmz, Always enjoyed your posts over at ACWV. Hope you'll reconsider. I'm not an officer in that organization or anything like that, just interested in Cold War and Cold War veterans. They seem now, after what always seems to be a hard thing to organized initially, but now pretty tight, focused and organized. They have some great contacts in Washington and are pushing hard for Cold War veterans, and their membership is growing with some very strong support in Congress and Senate. I hope others that read this will take a look at American Cold War Veterans. bELKNAP
  8. Who knows? Maybe they, ACWV'S will someday hit their mark. I've been watching that site for over a decade, and its the same song and dance, nothing new but disappointment. Then they sold reservist down the river, with the 24 months of active duty required to gain this medal, so that shot me out of the water, and so therefore, I'm out. Huge waste of my time, and to be honest with you, not worth all the effort just for a cold war medal unless it gained me future benefits. Nobody looks at medals unless they're those types that collect them or cherish them like baseball cards when you were 10. That site got overran by a few guys that pitched in their own agendas and swayed from the previous objective which was to gain a medal for all cold warriors regardless of status.
  9. Jrunyon had an interesting point. He mentions that Cold War Periods for at least those who have served overseas or on ships or protected out skys during peacetime should be included for membership. Interesting pathway here, however, these are more like VFW criteria for a piece of the "COLD WAR VETERAN POOL OF MEMBERSHIP" pie. For American Legion, membership should be for all whom served honorably between 1945-1991 regardless of place served or time served. CONSIDERING......CONSIDERING, that the Congress recognizes the Cold War as a "War period" as a whole, and they established the dates of eligibility.
  10. Cuban Missle Crisis+1962=American Legion eligibility. (Under the Vietnam War. Feb 28, 1961-May 7, 1975)
  11. I think in order for the American Legion to accept Cold War Veterans, Congress must first recognize the Cold War as having been a period of a war. Then, Congress can establish the eligibility periods.
  12. I would like to know if most combat veterans join the VFW over the American Legion or vice versa. I would also like to know the percentage of veterans eligible to join the American Legion and percentage of veterans eligible to join the VFW. I would also like to know the percentage of veterans that are NOT eligible for either Legion or VFW and also would like to know the percentage eligible to join the VFW but NOT the American Legion.
  13. Where is our leadership -- what are they doing to initiate Membership and recognition for our Cold War Veterans. This has been procrastinated on long enough. It is time to make a decision not only to support their cause for the Government to award a ribbon for this neglected period in preserving the peace.--- but ---to allow them membership in the American Legion. WITHOUT THEIR COMMITMENT, DEDICATION AND SACRIFICES WE WOULD HAVE NO AMERICA FOR ALL TO ENJOY TODAY. A Cold War Overseas Veteran who only qualifies for the American Legion by serving in the Vietnam Era. I want to recognized also as a Cold War Veteran. I am asking the Present Leadership to Act on this matter without out further delay. Continuing to postpone this action is unacceptable.
  14. The US Navy has always been the front-line of defense out in the ocean. Stop and consider what was at stake. ICBM’s about to be aimed at the USA by the Russians stationed in Cuba. This country owes those Navy and Marines a ton of gratitude. You may be thinking that I was in the Navy---nope---USAF, 1957 – 1963, but I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for those guys, we would all be living in a different world. USN and USMC, I salute you.
  15. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US Navy was the front line of defense in keeping the Soviet Union from carrying out their plan to place missiles in Cuba. Thanks to those servicemen, that plan failed. Those sailors were all volunteers and were just as willing to give their all for the defense of this country—yet most of them are ineligible for inclusion in the ranks of The American Legion. It’s time to review the membership criteria. Thanks jrunyon for bringing up the subject.
  16. Cuban missle crisis happened in October 1962, well within limits of the American Legion ranks. (Feb 28, 1961-May 7, 1975) Why do you think most of these sailors during this time are ineligible for American Legion ranks?
  17. During the "Cold War" men died and were injuried as well. The DOD has acknowledged the "ColdWar" by issuing a CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION which states: "In recognition of your service during the period of the Cold War(2 September 1945 - 26 December 1991) in promoting peace and stability for this Nation, the people of this Nation are forever greatful." Case in point: the Cuban Missle Crisis? The USAF Museum in Dayton, OH has a large display dedicated to the "Cold War." Membership is being lost
  18. I have been reached by a number of Veterans (especially those who have served overseas or on ships in the Pacific and various Gulfs)who have served in the Cold War Period not covered by our "War Periods" requirements. I would appreciate it if this could be brought up during the meeting on Friday to recommend that the Cold War Periods for a least those who have served overseas or on ships or have protected our skys during these periods of the Peace War be included in our membership. P
  19. I agree,I served in the Navy from 12/07/1955 to 11/29/59.I made a Med,cruise on the USS Coral Sea CVA-43 & spent my last 28 months in Cuba We lost 9 people on our 6 month Med cruise and we have never been able to join the VFW or the American Legion.It is just not right.
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