VA claims backlog scrutinized

In early April, American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Director Barry Searle and Ian DePlanque, assistant director for Claims Service, attended a joint veterans service organization meeting with Department of Veterans Affairs' officials to address the claims backlog and ways to improve the overall claims process.

The meeting was a day-long process with many members of VA's central office staff in the Veterans' Benefits Administration and provided a dialogue of insight between both sides as to the best possible solutions to address ongoing problems within VA's claims process. VA is struggling against a claims backlog of hundreds of thousands of claims, and their accuracy rate is far below their stated target of 98 percent accuracy. Working from the standpoint of being partners in resolving these issues, VA came to work through ideas and solutions with veterans organizations, including the Legion, Disabled American Veterans, AMVETS, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Vietnam Veterans of America.


  1. We filed in Aug of 2003 for Compensation. One record hasn't been found, but what happened has been told by different soldiers that served with me during this issue in my life. And we have signed letters stating they saw me later on crutches or they took care of me. But VA wants the eye witnesses. It was in 1991, who remembers that far back unless it happen to them? The first issue was back in 1986, but when we tried to file disability back then, was told it would take years to prove and I had a family to support, so I stayed in. Even though my body was slowly falling apart. I retired in Mar 2002, my physical body couldn't keep up with my military mission anymore. In Aug 2003, I was told to file for disability through the SSDI for Degenerated Disc Disease. In Feb. 2004?, I started to receive this. My back issue started in 1986 from a high fever that started the damages I suffer with today. And we will continue to fight for our Claim, now and forever until we receive it. Retired, Vet
  2. Why is there still a problem with this. There are many people, vets, like me who have claims processing experience. I have been out of work (gainful employment) for many years, but because I live in a rural area far away from a VA Health Center, I am not even considered for a job. Could this type of work ever be farmed out for home claims processors?
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