Coaches, scan junk e-mail before deleting

An important component of American Legion Baseball online registration is the generation of a login and password, which provides coaches access to the Legion Baseball Web site. This online access allows coaches to pay insurance fees, upload team photos, fill out team rosters and much more. However, the e-mail sent to coaches containing their personal login and password is getting deleted before they can even open it.

When e-mail accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail receive an e-mail from an unidentified sender, it oftentimes gets filtered to the junk or spam folder. Therefore, before making any deletions, it necessary that coaches check their junk and spam folder for an e-mail from This baseball e-mail will contain the personal login and password for each coach.

If you have registered online and are still in need of a login and password, please send an e-mail inquiry to


  1. I am unable to find the link to pay for insurance and fees. Our team is registered and I have our username and password that was sent to me from national. Could you help me by sending me direction as to how to find this important info Thanks
  2. I have tried to pay for fees and insurance and we are registered as a team.
  3. I was given a credit card by our youth organization to pay for our varsity and JV teams fees. I submitted payment and used our youth organizations name in the first/last name columns, which is also as is is on the card, and was rejected. I went back to our organization and found the actual name of the card holder. I tried to resubmit and it worked for my JV team as I had not tried for that team prior. Being that my information was incorrect the first few times I tried to submit for the varsity team, my payment is being declined. Are there any other options than to have to pay this with my personal card now for the varsity?
  4. Jack - you said you can't get online to pay insurance. You need to be more specific - with 5,000 team we need to know what state you registered in - providing town is another imporant piece of the puzzle - finally the name of the team. In order to help, we need to look up the teams record. On the baseball website - click on contact page - and end information to your state chairman.
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