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American Legion staff is attending the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee meeting today to discuss “Lifetime Costs of Supporting New Veterans."


  1. As covered by the Air Force times today, there are some real talks about changing the military pension system. Changes are needed, I will give you that. However, here I am with 15.5 years of service, 15.5 years of planning on the current system. The report says the is thought being given to NOT grandfathering in military members already serving! There are tens of thousands like myself, approching the end of service, only to be told our checks will be in the 33% range, with the rest being put into an account that we can not touch until 59.5. This will have a dramatic effect on the soon to be retired, the folks that the legion would like to have in its ranks if they are not already a part. Is the legion speaking out on this plan? PUFL member sends.

  2. When you retire and if you get a service rated disability of 40% or less, they take that disability pay out of your retirement check. I get a little over $1,000 a month. I also get $600 a month disability. BUT, because of this old civil war law (modified), my monthly retirement check comes out closer to $400.

    Even worse than that. Our Representatives and Senators acknowledge this but point to the other side for it not passing.

    Even worse yet: None of the Legions, VFW's, etc. have been fighting this wrong. Some General who was always staff gets a $4,000+ monthly check while we disabled combat vets have to pay our own disability. Go Figure.

    Jim Laubler
    Special Forces Retired

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