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  1. Congratulations on becoming the leader of the Largest Veterans Organization in the World, The American Legion.I have had the opportunity to meet you on several ocassions @ The American Legion National Conventions and when you visited New Jersey when you were a National Vice Commander. I knew early on that you were a rising star in the National Organization because of your tireless efforts for our veterans.
    I know that you will have a great year as National Commander. Stay true to the values that preceeded your ascent as our National Commander.God Bless You,God Bless or active and retired military who are in harms way,and may God continue to Bless the United States of America.

    Robert B. Newell; PDVC,PDEC
    American Legion; Department of New Jersey

  2. Commander Wong
    That was a great acceptance speech. I'm glad we can read it here as I could not attend the conference.
    Whe you state about the current war that is "so well prosecuted by our active-duty military forces" you give the idea that the Regular forces have done this by themselves. As you travel, you will meet more and more Guardsmen and Reservists who have participated fully annd more in this war, many for many deployments. We have been a total force in building since 1973's declaration by the defense leadership, and the Gulf War and the current two wars, plus participation in many other numerous other near war and nation building, and you should keep that focus during this year. We've never seen the likes of today's forces. Congratulations on your selection, and best wishes for a successful tenure.
    CSM Thomas M. McNamara, Jr., US Army, Ret., Post 15, Ashland, NH

  3. What is the latest information on approval of benefits for Naval personnel who were exposed to Agent Orange on Naval vessels. The ones that have all different types of cancer.

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