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Unit 252 Blue Star Luncheon

Seminole Auxiliary Unit 252 hosted its first Blue Star Mothers Luncheon this past month. There were 6 moms and a dad. The unit presented each one of the moms and dad with a banner.

Two 2-star moms, one with 2 daughters, one with 2 sons were presented with a Blue Star Banner. And a blue Star dad was also presented with a Blue Star Banner. Everyone had a whole lot of fun. Everyone had a great time and they want to invite more Blue Stars and do it again next month. IT WAS AMAZING! The ladies (and a dad) were really longing for other parents to talk to that REALLY understood where they were. The unit is planning another lunch the second Saturday of November.

Article courtesy of Unit 252. Photo by Caron Addis
Submitted by Andrew W. Nagy Department of Florida

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