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Veteran Services: Education


You've earned the right to a higher education through your service in the U.S. Armed Forces. But how do you use your GI Bill benefits? Which version is right for you? The Legion can help answer questions about state and/or federal education benefits, who can use them, and how long.


‘GI Bill’ becomes trademarked

GI Bill name now protected against use by marketers with questionable motives, VA says.

Posts encouraged to reach out to SVA chapters

Legionnaires can provide aid to local student veterans by locating a nearby school’s Student Veterans of America chapter.

Union-backed program puts veterans to work

The Gas Utility Workers Training Program in Chicago provides veterans an ‘in’ for valuable employment in the gas industry and Legion membership for a year.

2012 American Education Week

The Legion’s American Education Week brochure provides ways posts can support youth throughout the week, Nov. 11-17.

House passes student-veteran protection bill

Legion backed legislation to protect GI Bill beneficiaries approved by U.S. House of Representatives.

VR&E benefits may be better call than GI Bill

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment benefits may provide higher monthly allowance.

For-profit schools defend themselves

Legion roundtable provides forum for educators to dispute critical congressional report.

Roundtable to assess veterans education

The American Legion’s Education Roundtable will meet today to discuss the for-profit school issue and other pending legislation.

Concern about for-profit schools justified

For-profit schools exploit veterans to manipulate regulations, says Senate committee report.

Legion testifies on executive order impact

President Obama’s executive order aimed at predatory for-profit schools may not go far enough.