You're working, and you've got a family that depends on you - both now and down the road. Where do you invest your money? Do you borrow against the equity in your house? Through a preferred provider relationship with USAA, The American Legion can provide expert financial advice to just about any question.


Your life story in six words

USAA, The American Legion’s preferred provider of financial services,is marking Life Insurance Awareness Month with Web contest.

What does your budget pie look like?

What does your budget pie look like?

Put retirement funds to work

Two tax-friendly ideas for your extra retirement cash.

Invest now for your grandkids

Three ways of giving money to your grandchildren can make a long-lasting financial difference in their lives and provide estate-tax benefits in yours.

USAA's 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony

USAA's 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony

Simple ways to drum up cash

If you've exhausted most of your options, it could be time to explore the world of personal loans.

Seven creative saving strategies

Seven creative saving strategies

USAA raffle winners announced

Three departments win a combined $6,000, while Post 54 in New Hampshire is now $500 richer.

Five tax tips for tough situations

As tax season approaches, make sure you have all potential bases covered.

Tips for a successful military transition

Six ways to be prepared for when it comes to swapping military boots for civilian shoes.