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Veteran Services: Health Care

Health Care

The range of health issues facing America's veterans is both wide and ever-evolving. The American Legion recognizes this and provides valuable health-care information on a variety of conditions, as well as regularly updated information on the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Legion renews call for lifetime DoD-VA records

Congress agrees that electronic information-sharing system remains 'the chief end goal' and can improve health-care services for veterans.

Legion fights TRICARE increases

National commander says troops, military retirees and their families should not be targeted in new efforts to cut federal costs.

Legion ‘appalled’ by conditions in Jackson

The American Legion’s national commander wants VA to take immediate action to correct deplorable conditions at the Jackson VAMC.

Senate bill would expand VA eligibility

Pending Senate measures that are Legion-backed include one to expand eligibility for VA health care.

VA, TRICARE meet ACA coverage requirements

While Department of Veterans Affairs’, TRICARE health coverage meet Affordable Care Act standards, options are available to family members not getting required coverage.

Legion to host PTSD-TBI symposium

PTSD-TBI event will coincide with organization’s annual Washington Conference.

VA accused of bad pain-management practices

VA medical malpractice and over-reliance on drugs alleged in congressional hearing.

Legion report: Women vets struggle with status

Legion releases report that finds women veterans aren't identifying as veterans.

Legion launches Suicide Prevention Web Center

The center provides veterans and their families with life-saving resources and programs.

Legion releases report on TBI and PTSD

After conducting research for more than two years, the Legion shares its findings and recommendations with Congress, VA, the Legion community and general public.