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Legion staff are finalizing details of the 13th Annual Americanism Conference on Sept. 23–25 in Indianapolis. Baseball chairmen, Boys State directors, department chaplains, and Oratorical chairmen will come together for training, brainstorming and networking within their respective conference sessions.


  1. I have two ideas:
    1. Give some thought to renaming the contest to encourage participation.
    The name of the contest scares away participants; many high school students do not like to give speeches, while others do not know what oratorical means.
    Do not change the topic, the Constitution is not well known by our younger generations. I like the structure of a prepared oration and assigned topics.
    Suggestion for a new name: Constitutional Challenge

    2. Get the material for the next years contests to the departments earlier. Most schools start the new year between the last week of August and the second week of September. Having the material to the departments by the last week of August allows them to distribute the material the first week of September and gives the local posts a chance to get it to the schools during open house. This also allows the local posts to be the first ones at the schools to present this college scholarship option to the school counselors.

  2. The Big squeeze is on the Legion Baseball program.
    1. 7 week regular season.
    2. The new Armourall show case for the selected High School star players during the same summer time as Legion Ball.
    3. Most all the college scouts by-pass legion games to see a concentration of talent at these show case games including our Sectional week.
    Solution to the loss of players, teams
    and College scouts from our tournaments.
    1. Extend the season for all the teams who were eliminatd in the 1st round of State Tournament to August 1st or the National Final game. Adjust the insurance to cover this added period.
    2. Create Armour-all Legion show cases for legion All Star players, and Mega Tournaments
    3. The result would be a level chance to be seen by college scouts and scholarships.
    4.Lets create a product of by-state and tri-state Legion Tournaments that would attract recruiters.
    5. Broadcast on radio, television and computer audio-visual broadcast with replay.

  3. You have Boys State and baseball (the great american yawn), but what do you have for girls? When I served, women were two percent of the army. That is no longer true. Women are playing a bigger role than ever, yet you are leaving us out just as you always have. How about a soccer or volleyball tournament? Girls do play these sports and get good college scholarships for them, yet you do not seem to want to showcase them for "the scouts." How about sponsoring Girls State (most states have them)? Perhaps it is time to wake up and include the other half of the human race.

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